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Hi, everyone! I was recently interviewed by about my experience with self-publishing & my approach to writing. If you’d like to check it out, here is the link:




Advertising/Marketing for Indie Authors


Up until a few weeks ago I was paying $50 to have Facebook ads/banners created. I am not great at graphic design, so I didn’t think I’d be capable of creating my own. But when I saw how much I could purchase images from (5/$50), I decided I needed to create ads/banners/teasers on my own.

This information is probably old news to most, but if I can even help 1 person I’d love to share what I have learned. After a lot of research I discovered This website is amazing. The price for each ad/banner/design is between $0-1. Hmm. Free/$1 or the $50 I was spending before–not a tough decision. I can create so many different ads/banners/teasers.

I spent a lot of time playing around with it, and I am still learning, but here are a few sample ads/banners/teasers I have created. Just note- be careful for the ratio of text to image for Facebook ads (I am sure most are aware of their stringent – no more than 20% text rule)…


A lot of the above are teasers & are used mostly for Twitter or blog tours (the ones with a lot of text, that is)… I like using quotes on these images since you’re limited on how much you can type in a Twitter post.

A couple notes on advertising:

-I am releasing the 3rd book in my series at a preorder/new release price of only $0.99. Another successful author I know does this, and I was originally hesitant, but I realized the genius in it… 1) Having an extract to my book in the back of the others with a note about the price = A lot more preorders than I got on the other books. 2) I can use all of the wonderful email marketing companies for this book even though it is a new release (as long as my previous books meet the rating requirement). I already have 3 companies lined up the week of release (and the rest cannot be submitted until the sale is within 30 days). I had a lot of success with bookgorilla, booksends, ENT, and myromancereads on my previous marketing campaigns for books 1 & 2- so, I’m hopeful for this book.

-Facebook Spending… I have only spent a few dollars here and there, but every once and awhile I’ll do a $20 ad. What I discovered is I get the same amount of clicks on a $5 ad as I do a $20 ad. As for using the Ads Manager versus boosting a post… With Ads Manager I stopped allowing Facebook to put the ad on Instagram/Right hand side/3rd party (why?- Well, I was getting charged $1 or more per click on Instagram/Right-hand ads)–which is nuts… And I’d get a TON of click on third-party ads (but the conversion rate was SUPER low). Whenever I only had the mobile/desktop option selected–> Most clicks–>Most conversions (least amount spent!)

Boosting a post- interestingly I get a lot of likes/shares/comments (less clicks on the link though!). So for the last $3 ad I boosted on my page, I had 20 likes/5 page likes/9 shares (all within a few hours)… But less sales than when I used the ads manager (which usually results in 1-3 likes though)…

Okay. So there is my 2cents in all of this. I am not sure if it helps. I do notice though when I run an ad during the week only– the sales mostly appear on the weekend. My guess is they download a sample, read, then decide to buy. Have my results been successful with Facebook ads? If I spend $20, I usually make between $25-40 (so there is a profit of $5-20, but then when I do not advertise the following week, I see steady sales, so my hope is those customers have bought the next book).

PLEASE SHARE ANY WEBSITES/SUCCESSES/TIPS HERE. THANK YOU. And be sure to add a LINK to one of your books on the market!



Featured Author: Aleta Kay


Have you heard of author Aleta Kay, yet? If not, I’d love to introduce you to her, and her novel, Mending Fences. Mending Fences is a novel of love and hope lost, despair, defeat, frustration, giving up, and hope regained. This is a novel for anyone struggling with issues of faith, death, broken relationships, or searching for a God who understands.

Mending Fences is purely fiction, based on a recurring nightmare of an old friend, now deceased. His dream was of a Viet Nam veteran being surrounded in an open field by several different kinds of broken down fencing. He was unable to get out. My friend often woke up in a cold sweat.

The main character here is a Viet Nam veteran who, once he got out of the army, never wanted to fight again—about anything. Robert McGinn becomes a pastor who really loves his family and God, but he’s a workaholic and never seems to be home when his family needs him. He has a wife and two children. When the last crisis hits (at the beginning of the book) he is, as usual, not at home. In fact, he’s in another state. Once the crisis has been dealt with, his wife and son decide they no longer want or need him. Robert moves from Christmasville, TN (chosen for its name) to an unknown area of Oregon. Seventeen years later he’s diagnosed with a terminal illness. What will he do now? Does he have enough time left to mend those broken fences (relationships) in his life? If he does, will anyone care?

What are readers saying about Mending Fences?

“Unlike many fictional stories that are meant to be inspirational, but actually do little but preach, or blame, this one actually shows Christianity in action, and shows it the way Christ taught it. Here, you have a good, well-told story about people who find a way to live as Christians and forgive each other.”

“I was encouraged as I read this book. It was about a family with a lot of problems that were caused by a lot of unintentional hurt. It takes years to resolve, and it is a long road to forgiveness for all involved. I think many families can associate with the plot of this story, and can hopefully find that the Lord is truly our help in times of trouble.”

Amazon link

Exclusive Excerpt:

Two hours later Robert was riding down the highway in the cab of a semi. The driver introduced himself by his CB handle, High Roller. “Everybody calls me ‘Hi’, he said.

“Pleased to meet you,” Robert said and shook the man’s hand. “I’m Robert. Are you a gambler then?”

“Nah. I’m an independent driver, meanin’ I don’t drive for one company all the time. I hire out to the highest bidder. If I don’t like the price, and can’t get the money I want, I don’t drive. Most outfits pay pretty decent, though. This kind of bargaining keeps me from being taken advantage of by the stingy money mongers of the business.”

The radio was tuned to a country station, which Hi kept pretty loud so he could hear it over the noise of the truck and surrounding traffic. When Robert came aboard the station was giving a news report so Hi had turned it down. When the news was over the volume went back up and the men were silent.

Hi glanced at his passenger and wondered about him. He didn’t appear to be poor. The man wasn’t unkempt. What had reduced him to hitch-hiking? Where was he going? Why?

Glancing again at his new acquaintance, Hi was curious as to what would put such a woebegone frown on such a kind face. The light dusting of freckles across the narrow nose and round cheeks made Hi think of a perpetual little boy. But little boys surely didn’t have enough problems to etch such deep furrows in the forehead. He felt a trace of sympathy and promised himself he would buy the man a meal. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but this man seemed different somehow from anyone he’d ever met.

The next tune was a sad song about a trucker losing his family because he spent too much time on the road to be a good dad or husband. The only decorations the trucker had in the cab were pictures of his family.

Suddenly Hi pounded the steering wheel with his fist twice and turned the radio off, shouting expletives. Robert noticed the pictures this driver had taped up. It was a nice-looking family.

“I can’t help being gone so much,” Hi yelled. “It’s the only thing I know how to do, the only thing I’m good at. I provide a good living for my family. My absence is the price we all pay.”

Robert listened and knew from his pastoral experience that Hi was really justifying what he did because he liked it and was comfortable with his vocation. Hi knew it, too. Yet, Robert understood the frustration. You do your best for your family and it’s still never enough. They weren’t so different, he and Hi. Both had to be gone a lot. It was tough. “I know how you feel, man,” he said to Hi.

“What do you mean, you know how I feel? How could you possibly know?” He looked like he wanted to hit something.

Robert told him about his own life as a former pastor. “So you see, no one appreciates it. God doesn’t care enough to keep your family together. I believed everything I said when I was a preacher, but when it was my turn to need all that grace and forgiveness, all I got was kicked out of my fammily’s lives, and stabbed in the back by the church people who were supposed to care.”

High Roller turned the radio back on, looked at the family picture of his three children, and looked forward to being with them over the weekend.

Robert woke up about an hour later and was surprised to see a tear sliding down the truck driver’s weathered cheek. The song on the radio was another sad country tune. Is there any such thing as a happy country song? Instead of voicing the thought, he asked Hi if he was alright.

“Yeah, sure. Just worried about my kids. My oldest son, Tanner, is fifteen. He thinks he knows everything. Thinks all adults are stupid He has a problem with authority, but he’s a smart kid. He really could do something with his life if he’d buckle down, do his school work. Instead, he’s too busy rebelling against everything. I don’t know what to do about it.

“Then there’s my daughter, Colleen. She’s pretty, intelligent, vivacious. She’s twelve going on twenty. She’s very mature for her age, physically. She’s also very athletic and she has discovered that boys like her. She’s so vulnerable at her age, and me and her mom, we want to protect her, but she just wants to fit in, you know. All of her friends have boyfriends. How do you teach your kids about this world when they don’t want to listen?”

Learn more about Aleta Kay:

My full name is Aleta Kay Dye. I am ecstatically married to my husband of forty-four years (forty-five later this year) with two children and six grandchildren. As of Christmas 2015 they all live in the same area. I’m very protective of them and won’t give their location. All of our grandchildren are still minors. They range in age from eighteen down to five. Only one is a boy, but he’s the most lovable kid you could ever want to meet. He has absolutely no enemies at age twelve.

God is a very important part of our lives. I love church, the fellowship, the music, the activities, the joy and peace I feel when I’m around my brothers and sisters in Christ. Good preaching and Bible study are a must for me. If I skip them very much my attitude gets really crappy.

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was in elementary school reading Nancy Drew novels. I wrote parts of my own mysteries even as a child. I had my first poem published when I was a senior in high school in Cycloflame magazine. I don’t think it’s around any more. I got paid a dollar.

What am I passionate about? God, family, and nature. I’m a small-town girl. Big city traffic scares me useless so I avoid that as much as possible. If we have to go through a big city, I let my husband do the driving. I’m a big chicken. I do enjoy driving, just not in heavy traffic.

One of my favorite places in this country is Quartzsite, Arizona, population about 3500 (full-time residents). It’s a desert town that gets over 100,000 RV’ers and campers during the winter season. There are several RV parks, but the majority of people stay out on the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) areas. We paid $180.00 in December which allows us to stay on any BLM land in the country. The permit is good for a year. We dry camp so we have to dump our waste water at the designated areas, and fill up our water tank from the well which is provided by the Department of the Interior. Our RV is the only home we have and we love it. We’ve been living this way since autumn of 1997. It isn’t a lifestyle for everyone, but we love it.

Why do I write?

Because I want people who read my books to know that no matter what lemons life dishes out, God has the answer, and wants to help. But He will never force Himself. If we invite Him to be in control of our lives, He has all the answers and will make a way for us to get through whatever it is.

My favorite animal is horses although I’ve never owned any. I was around them a lot when I was little but didn’t have much opportunity to ride. My first experience on horseback was on a pony chained to a pole with other ponies as they walked in a circle. My second experience was riding bareback at a gallop. I fell off but didn’t get hurt much. When I was in high school I had an uncle that would take me to the horse races with him during the summer months. I get upset if I have to miss the Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes). I was watching the year Secretariat won all three races, the last one by, I believe, 31 lengths. I’d have to watch the movie again to be sure of the distance. It was phenomenal. No horse has ever beat that record.

I also love cats, deer, rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, bear cubs, and dogs as long as they belong to other people.

Favorite Authors:

Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury, John Grisham, Iris Johansen, Jan Karon, Joel Rosenberg, and Oliver North. I have, in the past year discovered Nicholas Rossi, Christoph Fischer, P.S. Bartlett, and Ronovan Hester, who are also very good authors. Viv Drewa wrote a really cute fantasy about a gryphon. I also like some of Aaron Paul Lazar’s books.

I just finished reading the first book in a series by Dr. Ernie Moore titled, The One Time Messengers. It’s a story of political intrigue revolving around Al Qaeda. Next on the list to read is Amber Wake by P.S. Bartlett and Ronovan Hester. It’s part of a pirate series.


My parents wouldn’t let me go to a writing school or take classes because “writers don’t make any money.” They wanted me to have a good paying job. I never had the confidence to go to college so I went to secretarial school. That didn’t turn out too well, either. So I didn’t get published until later in life. I’m sixty-four now. It’s time to get busy and make up for wasted years. I have purchased many books on writing and marketing and was mentored by a good friend who had workshops at her home. She also owns an online self-publishing business.

Future Plans:

I have several works in progress. When I get stuck on one I work on another one. I hope to have another book ready for publication by the end of summer or early autumn.

*Be sure to drop by Amazon & check out Mending Fences!*


For Authors: Email Marketing Companies Compared, Pt 2

Back in January I published a post about my first real attempt to utilize email marketing companies to gain new readers for my book. At the time, only the first book in my series was out. In the post, I compared different email marketing companies, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t yet: Email Marketing Companies Compared.SaleHiddenTruthsSeries-BSahin_FINALWith the release of the 2nd book in my series, I decided to place both books on sale. For my first novel I used the $0.99 price point, and I offered a 25% lower price if the 2nd book was purchased via pre-order (or around the time of the release). Below, I will tell you about which companies I used as well as my results.


  • I emailed BookBub (hey, why not)- and submitted Silenced Memories. They responded quickly by saying no. Their reason: The book was on sale less than 90 days ago. I never read the fine print, because to be honest, I never expected to get in…
  • I also hoped to get my book back in ENT (E-Reader News Today). The promotion I ran last time had my book in the top 100 for Romance Suspense for–well … about two hours. But still … Unfortunately, by the time they responded to me, they said they had zero availability.
  • I also tried Books Butterfly– They slotted me for April (even though I requested the first week in March, saying they were booked up until then). My book is not on sale in April though, so that did not happen as well. *Books Butterfly has a sales guarantee*

What was my strategy?

My goal was to get back in the top 100 for Silenced Memories, and I hoped that those sales would lead to sales for my 2nd book. Because I could not get into ENT or BookBub, I decided to use several companies- and hoped for the same effect.

DID IT WORK for Silenced Memories? Well, close…

*I got back into the top 100 for Romance Military on (and around 1,000 in the overall Kindle store. (Lasted for over 24hrs this time)… Top 50 in Amazon France for romance military and romance suspense. Top 30 for Romance Military in Canada.

*I also went from 196,000 on B&N to 996 for one whole day! Woohoo.

Who did I use for my 2nd book?

  1. Tues (3/1) Fussy Librarian for my NEW RELEASE. Yes, they accept new releases. Did it generate sales? It is hard to tell for Amazon/Nook/Ibooks, because I had the ad out the day of my release. I do know that it drove a lot of traffic to Smashwords, because I didn’t advertise my book as being in Smashwords (other than with Fussy Librarian)–and some sales were generated on there, so I assume I can correlate those sales with this ad.
  2. Sun (3/6) Romance E-book Deals (only $15)- and they also will advertise a new release. Again, it is hard to say how many sales were a direct result of this ad, but it was almost a week after my release (so I’d say at least 10 came from this ad)…
  3. 2/29-3/4: BLOUR TOUR. 39 Blogs Advertised my book.

Silenced Memories, book 1: Due to the close proximity of the ads it is hard to guarantee which ad created the exact number of sales, but this should give you some idea..

  1. Thurs (3/3) Romance E-book Deals for Silenced Memories as well. (11 sales the day of the ad).
  2. Fri (3/4) Book Gorilla – 70 sales on Amazon (zero on others)
  3. Sat (3/5) BookSends – 58 sales on Amazon (3- other)
  4. Sun (3/6) MyRomanceReads (hefty ad fee of $90)- 120 sales on Amazon, (16-Other)
  5. Mon (3/7)- Sale but no ad: 50 sales on Amazon (still in top 100-hit the night before); 7-other
  6. Tues (3/8)- Sale, no ad: No longer in top 100 -32 sales on Amazon; 2-other

What is crazy is that ENT only cost $45, but produced the same results as those 4 campaigns above combined … So, I recommend ENT!!

Now, what will I do when my books are back at full price for adverting? Stay tuned for my next advertising post in regards to Facebook ads!

Please, share what has worked for you!




Featured Author: Paula Berinstein


I am happy to introduce author Paula Berinstein as a featured author. She writes middle grade/YA novels–and I have to say, I love the bright and bold book covers! I know that I’ll be getting these books for my sons when they get a little bigger!


A reluctant detective, a criminal mastermind, and . . . sugar?

Amanda Lester wouldn’t be caught dead going into the family business. Her ancestor, Sherlock Holmes’s colleague Inspector G. Lestrade, is a twit. Nevertheless her parents refuse to see his flaws, and she’s going to a secret English detective school for the descendants of famous detectives whether she likes it or not.

When Amanda arrives at the dreaded school, she considers running away–until she and her new friends discover blood and weird pink substances in odd places. At first they’re not sure whether these seeming clues mean anything, but when Amanda’s father disappears and the cook is found dead with her head in a bag of sugar, they’re certain that crimes are taking place.

Now Amanda must embrace her destiny and uncover the truth. The only snag is that arch-villain Blixus Moriarty, a descendant of Holmes’s nemesis Professor James Moriarty, might be involved, and he doesn’t like nosy little girls interfering in his business.


Available at:

Amazon paperback
Amazon Kindle
Barnes and Noble paperback
Powell’s paperback



“Amanda Lester and the Pink Sugar Conspiracy is a smashing Holmesian debut from Paula Berinstein.” Derrick Belanger, I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere,

“If you are a middle grade book fan, and I don’t care what age you are, you will definitely be wild about the author Paula Berinstein.” — Esperanza Gaillard,

“I loved this book, I was hooked from the start,” Lola Verroen,

“Overall, this book is a complete package! It has an amazing cover with fun characters and a great story line that every reader will totally enjoy and get hooked with!” — Jessica Tan, Driftless,

Special Excerpt:

The first class the next morning was History of Detectives. The classroom was huge and paneled in dark wood. Amanda thought it was beautiful but was thankful she didn’t have to polish it. It would take so long that as soon as she’d finished she’d have to start all over. The room felt old-fashioned but it was a lot nicer than the classrooms at Ysidro Middle School, which were so depressing that she was always mentally redecorating them.

“Bienvenido!” said the teacher, Professor Also, an athletic-looking, curly-haired woman with a kind face and a wavery voice. The students, some of whom appeared bright and eager and others of whom seemed not to have slept the night before, looked around blankly.

“Oh, sorry. Forgive me,” the teacher said. “I just got back from Costa Rica and I haven’t got my land legs yet. That means ‘Welcome.’ May I have a volunteer, please? How about you, Mr. Binkle?”

The goofy-looking boy with the glasses, late of the vomit incident, pointed to himself. “Me, your honor?”

“Yes, you, Mr. Binkle, and I am not your honor. Professor Also will do.”

“Yes, sir, er, your ladyship,” said the boy, every bit as awkward as Amanda thought he was.

Professor Also sighed. “Now would be a good time.”

“Right,” said the boy, and raced to the front, tripping over nothing twice on his way to the spot where Professor Also was pointing. Amanda felt sorry for him.

“Now, Mr. Simon Binkle,” said the teacher. “I want you to select from these items and give yourself a semblance of a detective’s mystique.”

“A what, ma’am?” said the boy.

“A detective’s mystique. Go on. Let’s see what you can put together.”

Mr. Simon Binkle had turned rather red. “I’m sorry. I don’t understand, ma’am.”

“This, class, is exactly the problem for those of us who are new to the detective’s world. In order to be a great sleuth, you must develop a mystique. All the classic detectives have one and we will study them. A mystique sets you apart, and may I say, gives you a certain, I don’t know. Let’s say cachet.”

“Sorry, Professor. What’s cachet?”

“Cachet, Mr. Binkle, is that special something, an almost magical quality, that makes you fascinating.” The idea of the gangly Mr. Binkle being fascinating made Amanda want to laugh.

“Do you mean that we all have to be fascinating?” said Simon Binkle.

“Eventually,” said the teacher, at which the boy’s face went completely white.

“I see I’ve thrown you. Let me reassure you that developing a mystique isn’t nearly as intimidating a procedure as it sounds. This will occur naturally over the course of your time here at Legatum. Let’s talk about it a bit. Yes, Mr. Wiffle.” She pointed toward a pale, redheaded boy who was raising his hand excitedly.

“First, Professor, let me say that I’m very impressed that you already know all of our names. I think I’m going to enjoy your class. Second, can you tell us whether mystiques will be on the tests?”

Amanda looked over at Amphora, who was making a gagging face. When she saw Amanda looking at her she mouthed, “Do you believe this?” Amanda rolled her eyes, then grinned and shook her head. When she caught sight of Nick, who was sitting at the end of her row, she could see that he was laughing silently.

“I’m tempted not to answer that, Mr. Wiffle. A detective should be ready for anything. However, as this is your first day I will make an exception. No. Mystiques will not be on the tests but they will be part of your grade. Let me say right now that I will know if you’re faking a mystique. It’s perfectly acceptable to experiment, and in fact we expect you to do so. However do not try to impress us. A mystique evolves naturally. Trying to be something you’re not will get you nowhere and could actually backfire. Are we clear?”

“Yes, Professor,” said Mr. Wiffle. Amanda, Amphora, Nick, and Ivy were all stifling laughs. Simon, who was still standing in front of the class, seemed completely lost.

“Now, let’s talk about mystiques, shall we?” said Professor Also. “A mystique is much more than appearance, although that plays a large part because it’s what we see. It also has to do with the way the detective thinks and what he or she is most interested in. In other words, it’s what makes the detective different from other detectives.

“For example, we’re all familiar with Sherlock Holmes’s recognizable clothing and accoutrements, but what really defined his mystique was his keen ability to observe small details and draw conclusions from them.” Amanda winced. Who cared what Sherlock Holmes did or didn’t do? “But his observational skills didn’t operate in a vacuum. They depended on his arcane knowledge. As you know, he could deduce an astounding amount about a person just by observing his or her clothes, but in order to do that he had to familiarize himself with everything from buttons to types of wool. So his mystique depended on his knowing a great deal about obscure subjects. Yes, Mr. Wiffle.”

Not him again. Amanda was beginning to get the measure of this kid. She decided that staying away from him would be a good idea.

“Professor, will we be expected to study buttons and things like that?”

“Yes, Mr. Wiffle. Professor Sidebotham will be at your side for these six years, and by the time you graduate you will know more about buttons, fountain pens, and motor oil than 99.999% of the people on the planet.”

The kid’s mouth dropped. He obviously wasn’t happy. Amanda didn’t want to learn about buttons either, but she thought she could put up with it if it meant she got to watch him squirm.

“Mr. Wiffle,” said the teacher. “Do I infer correctly that you’re not interested in buttons and motor oil?”

The class laughed and the kid went as red as his hair.

“No, Professor Also,” he said, catching himself. “I’m quite looking forward to learning about motor oil. It sounds fascinating.”

The teacher gave the kid a look and said, “Indeed. Now, let’s continue with our discussion of mystiques. As I was saying, when you matriculate you will have developed a mystique that is unique to you. A unique mystique, if you will.”

There were giggles around the room until Professor Also fixed the class with a stony stare.


The Amanda Lester, Detective book series

  • Secret detective school
  • Mysterious events
  • Exciting adventures
  • Cool gadgets

Enroll in the Legatum Continatum secret detective school today!

  • Take exclusive courses like Disguise and Crime Lab
  • Hobnob with master detectives like Gaston Thrillkill and Particle Peaksriboon.
  • Develop your detective’s mystique.

Solve mysteries like:

  • What are those yellow gluppy things?
  • Why did Professor Bill Pickle disappear?
  • What is the missing whatsit anyway?


Author bio

Paula Berinstein is nothing like Amanda. For one thing, she’s crazy about Sherlock Holmes. For another, she’s never wanted to be a filmmaker. In addition, compared to Amanda she’s a big chicken! And she wouldn’t mind going to a secret school at all. In fact, she’s hoping that some day she’ll get to build one.

Social media links

Amanda Lester Web site:
Paula’s blog on Goodreads:
Paula’s Goodreads profile: Amanda Lester’s Facebook page:
The Writing Show (my writing podcast, which I produced and hosted for about seven years):
Paula’s Twitter account: @pberinstein
Goodreads book page:
Series Facebook page:

Authors to Read E-book Giveaway

Have you checked out the many fantastic books I have listed on my “Authors to Read” page yet?

Would you love to receive a free e-book by one of the authors?

Enter the giveaway for a chance to win your choice of ANY of the e-books listed on my “Authors to Read” page valued at $7.99 or less.

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There will be 2 prizes awarded! If you do not have a Facebook or twitter account, send me an email at & I’ll manually add you to the raffle. Best of luck and if your book is listed on the ‘Authors to Read’ page- spread the word & of course … enter as well & discover a new book!

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Invitation to be a FEATURED AUTHOR


In the last year I have “met” hundreds of different authors via my “Share Your Work” blog posts. I have added the novels the authors submitted to my “Authors to Read” page, based on the genre (if you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend it).

Because there are so many novels now, I worry that the books will get lost! So, I’d like to pause the submissions on the “Authors to Read” for now, and choose 3-5 authors a month to feature.

What will this look like/mean?

Well, I will blog about your book via a blog post, but I will also create a page for your novel under the “Featured Authors” tab. This page will remain on my homepage for 4 weeks, before I rotate to feature new author. I will share your book on my personal Facebook account, as well as my author page (if you haven’t had a chance to like my page- it would be super helpful if you could stop by-thank you!) . . . I will also regularly share your book on instagram, pinterest, and twitter. I invite you and other authors to share the novels as well (support each other, which is what this is all about).

What will be on the page/post? -That depends on what you send me, but what I’d love is any (or all) of the following: Book cover, blurb, excerpt, promotional teasers (if you have any), links to buy, your favorite testimonials, and an author bio.

*If I have read your book already, I will post a short review!

If you’re interested in being featured during the first round, please email me at: I have created a dedicated email for this blog only. PLEASE only send your book title and Amazon link. I do not want you to go out of your way & send all the information if I am unable to feature you right away. I will email you back for the info needed if I am able to feature you for the first round. If you do not hear from me–I am sure your work is great–but I have limited spots. 

Hope you have a fantastic week, and I look forward to supporting your work!






For Authors: E-mail Marketing Companies Compared

facebook bnnr

During the holiday season I decided to try out 3 different e-mail marketing companies for my first novel, Silenced Memories. I will discuss the results of each below. I did attempt to submit my book to 3 other websites as well, but they were booked (because many other authors were probably thinking the same thing-holiday promotion!)

  1. December 5th- ENT- E-Reader News Today

Sale price Dec. 5th-Dec. 6th

Price for ‘romance suspense’ – $45 (price varies depending on genre)

E-book discounted from $2.99 to $.99

Books sold on day 1: 208 Amazon; less than 10 between ibooks & nook

Books sold on day 2 (no promo running): 46 Amazon; less than 5 (ibooks/nook)

Overall results: I think this campaign was very successful. Gaining that many new readers was great. I also reached #69 on romance suspense on Amazon (for a few hours!) & #49 on romance military. I made my money back, which is always nice. And my sales remained steady each day after the sale ended.


They have you list dates for your sale (so mine ran until Jan 3rd). Since readers know this, they have more time to download and sample before buying. So, I assumed results would be more scattered. Fussy librarian will also advertise your book at an every day low price (so next time I plan on doing that at the reg. price of $2.99). I also plan on using them for my new release in March. They will promote the book (without reviews) as long as another one of your books meet their review requirement.

Price: $17

Sale price: $0.99

Books sold on day 1: 13 on Amazon; 5 nook; 2 ibooks

Dec 30th-Jan 1: 20 on Amazon; 6 more between nook/ibooks

Overall results: Not the greatest results, but I am also wondering if New Years (parties/family, etc.) might have impacted number of views. Again, I will try them again with my 2nd book – because the cost is low (so minimal risk). Continued sales is questionable considering I ran another promo on the 2nd (so I cannot analyze that data).

3. Jan. 2nd-

Manybooks contacted me after viewing my book on Fussy Librarian and asked if I’d like to run a promo for a discount ($19). Since my sale ended on the 3rd, I decided–why not? They ran the promotion on the 2nd.

Books sold on day 1: 27 on Amazon; 10 between ibooks/nook

Books on day 2 (last day of sale): 8 on Amazon; 6 between ibooks/nook

*Sales in Italy, U.K., Canada, and Australia from this campaign as well, which was nice.

Overall results: I was surprised by the results, as I was not anticipating too much since I’d never heard of the company before and it was hard to access my book on their website (and they didn’t update their facebook page because of the holiday)- so sales were strictly from their email. Clearly I had better results than with Fussy Librarian. My sales on ibooks, nook, and Amazon have continued each day following this sale at the regular price. I have made more profit post sales (at reg. price) than I did during the sale, which is always a plus. But being new in the game of publishing–I value each sale (each new reader)- so I am def. more excited about the increase in new readers (and subscribers to my website) than I am about sales!

*A side note- Amazon did not update my price on the 4th after several requests. The were incorrectly price-matching. I always change the price at ibooks/nook before Amazon to avoid this (because nook takes the longest to update). When I called Amazon – they apologized (discovered I was right)- and at least gave me 70% commission off the sales (opposed to 35%) & a little more money as well to compensate for their error!


***** Well, I hope this helps any of you that have yet to embark on the marketing/sales journey***

If anyone knows of e-mail marketing companies that DO NOT require a discount (aside from Fussy Librarian) – please comment below. THANKS!



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