Buried Lies Release Day & Amazon Gift Card Giveaway


To celebrate the 3rd stand-alone romance suspense novel in my #HiddenTruths series, I am running a $20 Amazon gift card giveaway. Be sure to check out the pinned post on my Facebook page for a chance to win. The giveaway is open 6/13-6/24 during the virtual book tour.

Buried Lies is different from Silenced Memories and Innocence & Betrayal, as it is told in dual 1st person point of views. To be honest, it is my favorite novel in the series, thus far, and I am so excited to share it with everyone. It is on sale for only 99cents during the book tour.



“Some people say that time heals all wounds, but no. Time only deepens the wound. And when I saw Olivia that night in the club, I realized I hated her now more than ever.”

Connor Matthews, former Marine and gun for hire, is not what you’d call the quintessential businessman. But when his father’s unexpected passing leaves the family business to him and his brother, Connor agrees to take over until his brother finishes his last tour of duty. Connor resigns himself to a life of dull meetings and paperwork, but quickly finds himself mired in his father’s web of shady business deals. And in the midst of the mess is Olivia Taylor, his gorgeous and headstrong ex-girlfriend. Since they last parted, Olivia has known nothing but grief, heartache, and loss. Despite it all, she’s built a life for herself–a life with no room for the likes of Connor Matthews. She’s survived more than most could endure, but Connor has the ability to ruin everything she’s worked so hard to achieve. She must put the past behind her in order to survive . . . but can she forgive the man who broke her heart?

*This is a STAND-ALONE contemporary romance suspense novel in the Hidden Truths series. The books may be read in any order, but characters do make cameo appearances in each book of the series. Buried Lies is told in 1st POV, alternating between the male/female protagonists.*

Hidden Truths: Stand-alone romance suspense series: Silenced Memories (Michael & Kate) Innocence & Betrayal (Aiden & Ava) Buried Lies (Connor & Olivia) Title 4 (Jake & Alexa) – coming December 2016

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Cover Reveal for BURIED LIES

BuriedLies_cover4 (1)

The third book in the HIDDEN TRUTHS series is scheduled to be released JUNE 13th! I am very excited to share this novel with you all. It is different from the first two novels in the series, as it is told in the 1st person POV, alternating between the male/female protagonists.

“Some people say that time heals all wounds, but no. Time only deepens the wound. And when I saw Olivia that night in the club, I realized I hated her now more than ever.”

now more than ever.” (4)

Connor Matthews, former Marine and gun for hire, is not what you’d call the quintessential businessman. But when his father’s unexpected passing leaves the family business to him and his brother, Connor agrees to take over until his brother finishes his last tour of duty. Connor resigns himself to a life of dull meetings and paperwork, but quickly finds himself mired in his father’s web of shady business deals. And in the midst of the mess is Olivia Taylor, his gorgeous and headstrong ex-girlfriend.

Since they last parted, Olivia has known nothing but grief, heartache, and loss. Despite it all, she’s built a life for herself–a life with no room for the likes of Connor Matthews. She’s survived more than most could endure, but Connor has the ability to ruin everything she’s worked so hard to achieve. She must put the past behind her in order to survive . . . but can she forgive the man who broke her heart?


Innocence & Betrayal: Release Day

Book 2, of the Hidden Truths series is out now. It is a stand-alone romance suspense novel, which features characters from book 1, Silenced Memories. I also recently re-released Silenced Memories (2nd edition). Be sure to check out the Amazon $25 gift card giveaway going on now!


Reserved biochemist Ava Daniels has spent the last six months working on a top secret assignment for Homeland Security. One morning, after a night of finally letting loose, she discovers her lab empty and her boss missing. Interrogated by the very organization she works for, followed by unknowns, and attacked, Ava finds herself in search of answers as the clock winds down.

Aiden O’Connor, Irish born and raised, attempted to put his past behind him when he opened a bar in the heart of Boston. One night, Ava Daniels shows up to his bar asking for help. She is like no other woman he has ever met—breathtakingly beautiful, brilliant, and in terrible danger. Once he learns the true nature of her problem, Aiden realizes she is the key to unlock his past . . . and perhaps to get a second chance.


Excerpt: When Ava Daniels first encounters the sexy Irish Aiden O’Connor

“You bet on the game?” her bartender asked the man while sliding the club soda in front of Ava.

“Nah, not tonight,” the man responded, without taking his eyes off Ava.

She forced herself to blink before studying the drink in front of her.

“Can I get you anything else?”

“I’m okay, thank you,” she responded before her bartender walked away, leaving her alone with the man whose eyes she could still feel on her face.

His tanned forearms flexed as he pressed his palms against the counter. “I know my father has already served you, but are you sure you wouldn’t like something a wee bit stronger?”

His Irish brogue made her head spin. She needed to pull herself together.

Ava took a sip of her club soda and tried to slow down her pulse a few notches before meeting his blue eyes again.

“You all right, love?”

The silky baritone of his voice made her forget why she was even in the bar. She’d never been the kind of girl to go weak-kneed just from looking at a man, but she’d never exactly met one like this before, had she? “I’m good, I think.” The stark contrast of his jet black hair against his bright blue eyes had her feeling a bit dizzy. The color of his irises reminded her of the Tahitian crystal waters she once swam in—so deep she could drown in them.

“Are you a Pats fan?”

“A what?” She shook her head.

“Do you like the Patriots?”

“Oh.” She reached for her braid and toyed with the ends. “I prefer the Ravens.” The Ravens? Really, Ava? You don’t even watch football!

“They’re a decent team, but you can’t be in a bar in Boston and not root for the Patriots.”

She returned his smirk with a smile. “Maybe you could convert me?” Did I just flirt?

“I’d be more than obliged to help you see the light.” He leaned closer until his face was only a few inches from hers.

She swallowed and couldn’t help but inhale his masculine, woodsy scent.

“But I’m gonna let you in on a secret. The only football I watch is that of the Irish—you know, the real game of football.” He winked and pushed back away from the bar before walking to the other end, where a new patron had just settled in.

Where can you find Innocence & Betrayal?

Amazon.com / Amazon.uk / Amazon.ca / Nook / Kobo / Ibooks


Lisa Emme- Featured Author & Release Day!


I’d love to introduce everyone to author, Lisa Emme. Lisa is a huge supporter of fellow writers, and I highly recommend you check out her work. Her romantic suspense, Home Again, debuts February 29th, 2016. I was super excited to learn Lisa also writes romance, as she has become a hit with her supernatural thrillers: Dead & Kicking and Tooth & Claw.

I wasn’t a huge supernatural fan before reading Lisa’s books–but I became one after starting her super fun series, The Harry Russo Diaries. And if she was able to capture my attention with a genre I don’t typically read–I can only imagine how good Home Again must be. I will be starting it very soon (I’ll add the review to the page on my blog soon).


They say you can’t go home again. Allie Daniels hopes they are wrong, whoever they are. After a series of misfortunes, she and her small son have come home to the town she thought she had left behind. She’s just looking for a safe place to raise her son. The last thing she wants is any more complications.

Mike Finn didn’t roll into town on his Harley looking for love; he just wants to find a place to call home. Hoping to escape the fast-paced, anonymous life in the city, he’s bought a partnership in the local veterinarian practice. The small town has a lot to offer – especially after a chance encounter with Allie.

When Mike first sets eyes on Allie, sparks fly. He knows there’s something there, but the reluctant, single mom is going to take some convincing. Good thing Mike is a persistent man. When strange things start to happen around town, his protective instinct is sent into high gear. It’s just as well, because when Allie starts playing detective, she may find herself in over her head.

Don’t let the sweet cover fool you. This book brings the heat. Intended for a mature audience. Graphic language and sexual content.

Available at your favorite online retailer including: Kobo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple

On Your Knees.png

What readers are saying about Home Again:

“…If you love a down home country sort of romance, this should be on your reading radar…” –Rosanna Leo, author of Vice and the Gemini Island Shifters series (via Goodreads)

“…Highly recommend reading this book for contemporary small town romance lovers like me, especially if you like a bit of suspense in it. You’ll definitely enjoy this book!” –Kat Desi, Kaleidoscope Heart Reviews


Before he could step away, Allie grabbed his shirtfront and pulled. Surprised, Mike stumbled a step towards her.

“Don’t go,” she whispered.

Hand still gripping his shirt, she gazed up at him, her eyes wide. He was several inches taller than her, taller than usual because he was still in his boots and she was in bare feet. She raised herself up on her tiptoes and pulled him closer. His eyes widened and he dipped his head to hers. Their lips met. The kiss started soft and sensual, almost tentative. After a moment, Allie began to pull away, but Mike was having none of it. She may have started it, but he was going to finish it.

He cradled her head with his hands preventing her from moving and deepened the kiss, nipping at her lips, coaxing them apart until he could thrust his tongue in her mouth. Allie groaned and threw her arms around his neck, her body pressed against his. Mike was lean and hard up against her and she could feel his arousal. His kiss became fervent and he groaned as he slid one hand down her back to cup her ass through the towel. He pulled her closer, causing the front of the towel to gape open. Allie could feel the soft denim of his jeans against her bare skin and then he shifted again and the cold metal of his belt buckle brushed against her. She gasped and pulled away from his kiss. Mike’s eyes followed hers and he looked down to see her bare hip and thigh. He reached out to run his fingers up along the silky skin and a shiver ran down her spine.

“I want you so much,” he rasped.

5oclock shadow

Lisa Emme bio:
Lisa Emme is a Canadian who proudly ends her ABC’s with ‘zed’. A self-professed book-a-holic, she has spent the last few years trying to stem her book hoarding tendencies by writing her own stories, including the popular urban fantasy series, the Harry Russo Diaries, and by avoiding the bargain table at the bookstore like the plague.
A bit of a thrill seeker, Lisa has tried such death defying activities as bungy jumping off a bridge and rappelling down the side of a 17 storey building. She’s also single-handedly raising a teenager.
Lisa has worked as a veterinary assistant, playground instructor, bank teller, store clerk, waitress, telephone solicitor, research writer for an environmental think tank, computer programmer, and systems analyst. Her passion however, is writing.  What else is she going to do during the long, cold prairie winter?

Lisa would love to hear from you.  Email her at lisa.emme@mymts.net or find her on

social media:


Featured Author: Sandra J. Jackson

Promised Soul Promo Image

I would like to introduce author Sandra J. Jackson. Sandra was born in Montreal, Quebec and now resides with her husband and children in Eastern Ontario. Writing has  always been Sandra’s passion; creating works of art for her family and friends. Her children, however, brought out the storyteller inside when Sandra told them bedtime stories.

Eventually, the stories faded but Sandra’s desire to write blossomed. Fed by her personal experiences, she began writing. As she wrote, her confidence grew and so did her courage. Sandra began sharing her ideas, even volunteering to write articles for her son’s hockey team for publication in the local paper.

With several stories in various stages of completion, Sandra made a decision. Armed with her experience of travelling to the east coast, her wholehearted belief in soulmates and the draw she has always felt for the UK, Promised Soul was born.

Promised Soul looks very interesting- check out the blurb, testimonials and special excerpt:


Just as Krista’s summer plans are finalized, she is suddenly plagued by strange dreams and intense feelings of déjà vu. Feeling as though she’s losing her mind, she visits a psychic medium, only to feel more confused. When Krista arrives in England, her dreams persist, and she finds herself at the doorstep of another psychic; she needs clarity. Finally, the words she was afraid to say out loud, are spoken. Her dreams aren’t just dreams, but memories from a past life. Now Krista has to figure out what it all means.

Promised Soul is the story of the past, the present and the future of two souls that have been bound together by eternal and transcending love. Amazon.com


Excerpt from Lilian’s Book Blog – for complete review visit http://www.lilianflesher.blogspot.ca “You will meet many characters in this story who will charm you and make you smile, but will being in a strange country make Krista homesick? Will she find the answers she seeks? Believe me when I say this book is fantastic, you will not want to put it down.” By Lilian Flesher – UK

Amazon.ca “I’ve averaged a book a week for over 30 years. This book kept me captivated from start to finish! I’m looking forward to her next book!” – By ljreid – Brockville, ON Canada

Goodreads “Promised Soul is like no other book I have ever read. That is really refreshing. Just the thought of true love transcending time and space is amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story of Krista and Aaron and more importantly Mary and Thomas. This gives me hope that we all have a soulmate out there. Simply put Promised Soul is an inspiration to all.” By Diana – USA

Special Excerpt:

Aaron brushed the grass from his lap and stood up, looked down at me, and stretched out his hand. I took hold of it feeling that familiar exchange of electricity, as he pulled me up a little too hard. I lost my balance and fell slightly forward into him, his arms instinctively wrapped around me for protection.

“Oh, sorry.” I said trying to pull away from the now awkward situation.

“Don’t be.”

Aaron bent forward and kissed me. A kiss that was long, passionate, and gentle. A kiss saved for lovers who have been apart; a kiss that sent heat and shivers at the same time, coursing through my body. A kiss that made time stand still and yet made the world spin. A kiss that promised; a kiss that bound – for eternity.

Links to Buy:

Amazon: myBook.to/PromisedSoul 

Barnes & Noblehttp://bit.ly/1HXCPhc

Smashwords http://bit.ly/1Cz8jXI

Chapter’s Indigohttp://bit.ly/1EtXmCY

Kobo http://bit.ly/1FMzlfO


 Take a moment to visit Sandra’s Facebook page, or one of the following websites!

Facebook Page






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Thank you for checking out Promised Soul, by Sandra J. Jackson. I know I will be adding her book to my TBR list!

Support Indie Authors: New Books by the Genre to Read

Authors by Genre


**New books have been added! My list of BOOKS TO READ is growing!!**

Each month I invite authors to share their novels (and latest works in progress) on my blog. I add them to the ‘Authors to Read’ List. I have categorized the authors by their corresponding genres. Please check out the authors at the links below:

Please share! Check out my pinterest page for the corresponding list of authors as well!

Novels: What is your preference?


I am seeking opinions from readers about my next novel(s). When my editor was reviewing my first novel, she requested me to give a little more info on one of the supporting male characters. I told her that I held back on him releasing his story, because I was toying with the idea of having him star in my next novel. Her response, “Oh. I would love to read a book about him.”

I had changed my mind about using him in my next novel until I read her comment, deciding not to create a series. But, now I am torn.

A lot of my favorite authors write books that star the supporting characters in other novels. For instance, Marliss Melton has a “Taskforce Series,” “Navy SEAL Team Series,” and so forth. I love how each book is a stand-alone novel, but the male or female supports from the first few books, star in the next novel(s).

With great books, you fall in love with the characters, and you miss them when the book is over. But not all books require sequels or trilogies, etc. With the idea of a series, you get glimpses of your favorite couples as they pop up (often) in the other novels (within the series). I always get excited when I get an update on a couple from a previous book—yes, I know—I develop attachments to the characters (but fellow readers get this).

OKAY. So, my questions are: How many of you like when an author creates a series? How many of you love sequels, etc?

I could have easily made my book into a sequel, but I felt that I would really only have a hundred pages of quality story in the next book, without dragging it out (and creating unnecessary problems for my characters). But, I did create several other strong characters in my novel, who could easily become the stars in future novels.

I wish I had a gut feeling about what I wanted to do, but I am swimming in a pool of indecision right now, and I don’t feel like I am coming up for air anytime soon. HELP! What do you like to read? Or, what would you do if you were me?

Thank you for your support!

Why I Don’t Buy the Book: Indie Advice from the Perspective of a Reader and a Writer

“I try to leave out the parts that people skip.” ~Elmore Leonard

I am not claiming to be an expert in the field of self-publishing, and I do not want to come across harsh in my following post, but as a reader, I am struggling to finish reading many of the indie books I have picked up as of late. I, myself, am currently embarking on the self-publishing journey, so I understand it can be a long and hard road, but there are a few things I would like to share with fellow authors from the perspective of a writer, but more so from the POV of a reader, which I am far more experienced in.

Most authors, I would assume, are avid readers. When you were about to self-publish your novel, did you stop and wonder, would this be something I would read? Would I find this quality of work being published by Penguin, or on the shelves of B&N? You have to produce the same quality you demand of your peers, or at least try to. I know it is hard as a new writer with limited guidance (when lacking an agent or publisher), but we must be our own advocates.

I thought I would write a novel, edit it myself, design the cover, and then pop it on to Amazon. I figured, I have two masters degrees (which means I have had a lot of experience writing and receiving criticism), have edited thousands of papers for my high school students (when I taught) … why not save money and do it myself. But then I changed my mind and realized my editing abilities have their limits. Sure, there may be a lot less grammatical errors in my work (but there is so much more to editing than that). I decided I not only needed a copyeditor and proofreader (for the last stage), but a developmental editor, professional cover design created, formatting … basically I am attempting to reproduce what a professional publishing house would (but on a smaller budget).

Why am I willing to spend so much money when it may be hard to even recoup my costs? Well, because if I were to pick up my book in a bookstore (or online, which is what I do now), I would expect the same quality (or as close to it as a self-published author can get) of the well-known authors.

I have been desperate to find new indie authors to read. I truly want to support the fellow writers who are in the same boat as me. I actively seek them out. Like with all books, I download the sample, and I cross my fingers that I will fall in love with the book. But 9/10 times I find myself a little disappointed. The quality in either editing, formatting, cover design, etc… is lacking. It doesn’t matter how great the plot might be—it is often very hard for me to become engaged with the text. Here are the main reasons I don’t buy the book:

  1. Formatting- I don’t know if it a coding issue or what- but when paragraphs are indented in weird ways, or the lines are double-spaced, etc… it drives me nuts. I rarely buy the book when this happens. Now, I am sure this is just a formatting/conversion error, but is it possible for the author to delete the copy and reload it in the right format once they have seen the errors? That’s what I would do it I noticed it showed up wacky on Apple.
  2. Editing– this is an obvious reason—If there are a lot of typos it is hard to read. I can handle a few (all books have them), but not on every other page.
  3. Developmental editing- I can tell when an author has not had their work edited in-depth. What I mean by that is that they might have had a line-edit or proofread, but they did not have someone provide them feedback on the characters, story arc, POV, etc. This has to be the best money I ever spent. I learned more about writing a novel from this process than I ever thought possible.
  4. POV- Head-hopping– So many times I read a book, and I have to re-read lines to try and figure out whose head I am in. I will be the first to admit, I was a head hopper. I didn’t realize I was even doing it until my editor pointed it out to me. Yes, even some professional (millionaire) authors do it – and you can (if done really well), but I don’t recommend it. After I changed my entire novel to ensure each scene was from one perspective, the scenes felt so much cleaner and even edgier. It adds more tension to a scene when you don’t know inside the other characters minds. In real life you cannot read someone else’s mind, so don’t do it in a scene (not unless your character is a mind reader).  I love knowing what other character think, which is why I don’t write using the first POV—just change scenes when you do it.
  5. Show, Don’t Tell- So, I really have to give credit to bubblecow.com for this + my developmental editor … (BubbleCow offers a free e-book on this topic and has other self-publishing advice—highly recommend them). Not to get into too much detail, but when I read a novel, and I spend page after page reading description and actions (author is basically explaining what is going on)—well, it is boring. Try and use more dialogue, etc… When I revised my book after this tip—I cut 10,000 words. I was tempted to add a new scene to make up for the loss, but then realized the scene would not be essential to the plot, so I didn’t add anything. Please visit BUBBLECOW on this topic– please, please, please. Their advice rocks. They can explain this topic far better than I can.

Okay, so I am not trying to put any authors down. In fact, I want to do the opposite—I want to help lift them to achieve the greatness I know they can! I want to be able to finish the sample read & immediately buy the book. I really want to support the indie community. We are in this together. I have often thought about writing book reviews, but I refuse to write anything other than a glowing recommendation. But I won’t lie either, so I basically only recommend books I like, and I just don’t mention the one’s I don’t.

If you ever want free (non-public) feedback on a chapter or two of your book, I would be more than happy to beta-read for you (and also offer some insight from the perspective of both a reader and a writer). I would love to help. If your book is already published and you are looking for a review—tell me your title, and I will download a sample (if I like it enough I will be a fan, purchase it, and leave a review). You are more than welcome to email me at: brittneysahin@gmail.com

Happy Writing & Don’t Give Up!

Why write is like asking me: why dream?

I am new to the world of blogging and self-publishing, but I am not new to writing. I wrote my first novel in third grade–something about aliens … but it was always my dream to become a successful author. I would tell my parents, “I will be an author some day.” I just never knew it would be possible on my own (self-publishing, that is.) I always thought I would write some break out hit at age fifteen and be on the Opera show. But hey- a girl has to dream, right?

And I wrote all of the time. Every day. Every night. But I was never quite satisfied with what became endless rewrites of a novel I spent seven years working on–only to be chucked.

So I gave up for a while. I told myself that some day I would have time to write again. Maybe after I finished college I could really focus on my writing.

Hmmm… Well, I became a teacher, and my life revolved around my students, which is not a bad thing, but it does not make for a great novelist.

And then I went to to graduate school and double-majored.

And then I got married, went back to teaching, and had a beautiful baby boy.

When I hit thirty, I feel like I blinked and my dream of being an author was slowly dwindling away from me. But writing has always been inside me. I have been lucky enough to travel to many places around the world, and every time I visited a new place, I felt the inspiration to write burning through me. And I would always attempt to at least jot my ideas down … but reality would come back to haunt me: NO TIME TO WRITE. NO TIME TO DREAM.

But the problem with giving up is that we only have one life to live, and it would be kind of sad to leave this world without every at least truly trying to achieve your dreams. So, I am lucky enough to have an incredible husband who supports me, and I am taking time off from teaching to write … Well, okay … most of my day is taking care of my toddler, which is amazing, but it leaves only naptime and nightime to write, but I will take it!

And in less than three months I completed my very first novel (yes, I wrote novels when I was young, but they always lacked an ending). I am in the process of working with editors, and the probability of earning back the money I will spend on getting my book polished and published is dismal, but at least I am going for it. I am going for the dream.

What is your dream? And is the risk worth the intrinsic reward?