Authors to Read: SciFi/Fantasy

Authors to Read: Science Fiction & Fantasy

*New submissions currently closed*

READERS: Please check out the amazing and talented authors listed below. I have categorized alphabetically by first name. Once a month I offer the opportunity for writers to share their work (see work/comments) on my blog, and this list is a collection of the work authors have submitted.

AUTHORS: If I made an error, or you would like to add something else, please let me know via email: (or in the comments) & I will correct it.

Science Fiction & Fantasy (Sub-Genres: S.P.-Steampunk; M-Mystery; E-Erotica; R-Romance; A-adventure; H: historical; C-cyberpunk; GE: genetic engineering; S-suspense)

  • Allie Potts (C/GE): The Fair & Foul (Project Gene Assist Book 1)


Juliane Faris is a brilliant programmer determined to change the world through scientific and technical advancement. Blinded by ambition, she will do whatever it takes to secure her legacy including agreeing to participate in an experimental procedure. The procedure grants her unprecedented knowledge and cellular control over her body but threatens everything she holds dear including her sanity. When others undergo the same modifications it becomes apparent that not everyone can afford the price that this technology demands. Juliane has a supercomputer for a brain and she isn’t afraid to use it. Perhaps she should be. Set in the not too distant future, The Fair & Foul is earth-based science fiction dealing with the next era of human evolution. The line between humanity and technology is blurring, and what seems like magic is only a scientific discovery away. Link to buy

  • Antonio Urias (S.P.): Irons in the Fire: Chronicles of Talis Book I


The City of Talis is a fragile beacon of civilization on the edge of the Faërie Lands. Beyond lies a wilder world of dark enchantments and terrible wonders, but behind the city walls humans and faëries live together in uneasy peace—until an explosion rocks the city and long-smoldering tensions threaten to ignite.  Link to buy  & Check out his other work (The Nightmare Man) at: Amazon 

  • C.S. Boyack (F): The Experimental Notebook of C.S. Boyack


A speculative selection of micro-fiction and short stories. These were designed to be short reads for your commute, coffee break, and other times when readers are pressed for time. This book contains a bit of science fiction, some fantasy, and paranormal stories. Amazon link to buy. Check out author’s other works on Amazon Author page.

  • D. Wallace Peach (M): The Sorcerer’s Garden51G+fs9eWtL__SX324_BO1,204,203,200_Sorcerer’s Garden is a collision of urban and medieval fantasy, and one tangled mess of a tale. Plot twists to keep the head spinning and a spunky female lead who tries to figure out what the heck is going on. Amazon Link
  • D. Wallace Peach: Sunwielder
In a land on the brink of war, Gryf Worden finds his family slaughtered in his farmyard. Mortally wounded, he stumbles upon a timekeeper, an old woman of a foreign land who tracks the infinite paths of each life. She offers him a sunwield, a medallion that altered his life’s journey. Now his story remakes itself through the sunwield, returning him repeatedly to moments of decision and death, his old life gone, the purpose of the medallion burning his chest forgotten. As he uncovers the power of the sunwield, new choices lead him on an epic journey through war, death, friendship, life, and love. Amazon link to buy
  • Jack Eason (E): The Guardian: Some things are written in stone


The Guardian is an erotic science fiction novella, written with an adult audience in mind. In the twenty-second century, war is still rife thanks to its normal causes, politics, greed, and religion. Then there is the continuing problem of pollution caused by heavy industry. The only thing the moguls of industry have ever understood is profit. So what if their factories continue to belch out thousands of tons of pollution into the atmosphere? Who cares? They certainly don’t! Situation normal – right? Wrong.  Link to buy

  • Jaq. D. HawkinsDance of the Goblins (The Goblins Series, Book 1)


They say that the earth shifts on its axis every 200,000 years… When the planet shifted, most of the surface dwellers were destroyed. The few pockets of survivors were left without technology and little supplies, but they built a simple feudal society on the rubble of the city. Meanwhile the creatures in the deep places moved closer to the surface, taking over the old underground transport tunnels abandoned by the humans. Their own Shamanic way of life had survived only by staying out of sight of the humans who habitually killed what they did not understand. Five generations of humans passed and the descendants of survivors settled into a way of life that was simple but satisfying, until one day a man wandered into one of the old tunnels… Link to buy / paperback

The Goblin Trilogy- 61NpK60j+JL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ Amazon link

  • Kurt D. Springs (S/A): Price of Vengeance (Dreamscape Warriors)


Liam! What have you done?” Marcus demanded. “You know our teachings on revenge.” Suddenly, irrationally angry, Liam straightened. “How can you defend him after what he did? To you, to Mom, to my birth parents, to everyone we cared about?” With a howl of despair and emotional agony, Liam dashed forward, through the shade of his father, blindly running into the sewers. What is the Price of Vengeance? One could understand why Liam is angry. Orphaned at the age of two by a group of giant carnivorous insects called the chitin, he was adopted by High Councilor Marcus and his wife, Lidia, and raised with their older son, Randolf, in New Olympia, the last remaining city on the planet Etrusci. As an adult, Liam becomes a soldier. After being cut off from the city, he finds that there is an alien intelligence behind the chitin. To defeat it, he must discover who he is and how to use his powers. When Liam discovers that a traitor responsible for his birth parents’ deaths has also murdered his beloved foster parents, he might find that the price he has to pay in his quest for vengeance will prove to be an even more unbeatable foe. Amazon link to buy

  • Kurt D. Springs (F): Promise of Mercy (Dreamscape Warriors)


Deirdre watched as Marisa turned and looked at her. She was shocked when she saw the child in her enemy’s arms. The Gothowan woman turned away to shield the child. Deirdre saw the child’s face. The child was looking right at her. Her expression was more curious than frightened. Deirdre knew she could take the fugitive without touching the child. She reoriented her aim, and her finger began to tighten. It is twenty-five years after the events of Price of Vengeance. Deirdre and her sisters have returned to their home planet of Etrusci after completing their training with the Finnian Shock Forces. Their homecoming plans are disrupted when their mother, High Priestess Celinia, and other leaders of the clergy are taken hostage and their father, Colonel Liam O’Connor, disappears. In their desperate search for their father, they discover that the Rebellion is secretly building weapons that could end civilization as they know it. Meanwhile, Liam has been befriended by a Rebel war criminal, a woman Deirdre has sworn to kill. Will Deirdre cast herself into the role of judge, jury, and executioner, or will she discover the promise of mercy? Amazon link to buy


Dr Ara Noble was on a mission: to reverse the devastation created by scientists that caused the birth of the third gender. This was not just a selfless act to help humanity; Ara had an ulterior motive: love. Link to buy

  • Lisa Emme (urban fantasy trilogy): Dead and Kicking (The Harry Russo Diaries, #1)


What’s a girl to do when her date is D.O.A? Angharad ‘Harry’ Russo is just your ordinary twenty-something, with one exception – she’s a witch with an out of the ordinary gift.  When her blind date goes sideways and she ends up face to face with a dead body, her life starts to go sideways too. Harry soon finds herself right in the middle of the mayhem, dealing with Cian Nash, a homicide detective that is as aggravating as he is sexy; the biggest, baddest vampire in town; and a parcel of pesky zombies that keep popping up everywhere.  It’s all connected to her date’s unfortunate demise, or is there more to it than meets the eye? Fans of Keri Arthur, Chloe Neill and Kim Harrison will not want to miss this great new series. Links to buyamazon / ibooks / nook / kobo

  • Lori Lopez: Bad Mood


The cows and chickens have gone mad. So have the people of Dairy, Wisconsin. Three offbeat outcasts must come together to discover the town’s dreadful secret in “Bad Mood”, a quirky and humorous tale of science fiction and horror. Why is everyone else acting insane? What does it have to do with the corporation that seems to control the town? Will it spread to other cities, to the entire world? You won’t know whether to laugh or scream . . . AMAZON

  • Lorinda J. Taylor (R): The Termite Queen: Volume One: The Speaking of the Dead


Science fiction novel that includes a haunting love story. In the 30th century, an off-world expedition brings back a giant termite with a behavior that suggests intelligence. During the planning for a first-contact expedition, Kaitrin Oliva, a linguistic anthropologist, falls in love with the entomologist-leader, a complex man hiding a dark secret. Meanwhile, civil discord is brewing on the termite planet as the Queen’s Chamberlain plots a murder … Amazon / Amazon UK / Smashwords

  • Lorinda J. Taylor (R): The Termite Queen: Volume Two: The Wound That Has No Healing 


A team of scientists in the 30th c. makes first contact with a species of intelligent termite on an alien planet. The romantic relationship between the expedition leader and the team’s anthropologist intersects with the civil unrest existing in the termite fortress to produce an explosive climax. The team must then return to Earth and deal with the outcome. Amazon UK / Amazon / B&N

  • Mandy Eve-Barnett (H, F): The Rhython Kingdom


The famed troubadour, Guillem, attends the king’s court to recite a marvelous tale but his suspicions are raised by a strange servant. With the help of a wizened old woman and her beautiful granddaughter, Guillem attempts to outwit a witch to save the kingdom from murder and mayhem. He then finds himself part of a ritual for life everlasting with the entrancing and mysterious Juliana. Amazon link

Other books by Mandy Eve-Barnett may be found at her website.

  • Massimo MarinoDaimones Trilogy Book Series (3 Books)

610NXhis1xL._SX386_BO1,204,203,200_Your entry into an exciting Space Opera: the death and re-birth of the human race. Nothing could have prepared them for the last day. Explore the future of humanity in Massimo Marino’s sci-fi debut, Daimones, an apocalyptic tale that feels like it could happen tomorrow. You may never sleep through a windstorm again. Death swept away the lives of billions, but spared Dan Amenta and his family, leading them to an uncertain future. When merely surviving isn’t enough and the hunt for answers begins, memories from the past and troubling encounters lead Dan to the truth about the extermination of the human race. Distressing revelations will give new meaning to their very existence. Link to buy / See other works here

  • Nicola McDonagh: Changeling Fog: A Dystopian novelette from the Song of Forgetfulness Sci-fi Adventure Series
Cannibal renegades – Carnies – have entered the quiet confines of Cityplace. With them comes a clinging fog that turns the gentle occupants into savage beasts. Only one girl with a unique power can save them from a terrifying fate. In the future the world is ravaged by famine and disease, almost all animal life is extinct, people are starving and living in fear of the cruel Agros that rule NotSoGreatBritAlbion. Yet there is a haven amongst the desperate, scattered population – Cityplace – a closed community of peaceful folk, living a germ-free, worry-free existence. Within this sanitised metropolis, lives a seventeen-year-old girl who is different – a girl with a special power. She is Adara – Catcher of birds. Adventurous and headstrong, Adara is endangered when she is forced to take refuge in the Trashland Area after breaking curfew. She is able to escape the fearsome inhabitants when a menacing fog descends and follows her back to Puritytowers, carrying the Carnies with it. Bringing their deadly show, these meat-craving travelling players hoodwink the inhabitants with a mind controlling/shape shifting mist. The Carnies summon up a supernatural tornado and steal a special child known as a Meek. So begins the terror that threatens Adara and all who dwell in the last safe place in NotSoGreatBritAlbion. Amazon link
  • P. Tempest: MageLife: The Tale Of The Punch-Clock Mage (The Magelife Trilogy Book 1)


For five years, Tristan has been preparing himself. For five years, he studied the secrets of the Arcane Art that lives in his very blood and bones. Now, he has become a Mage, a wielder of awesome power, capable of creating and destroying life. The power drawn from the very fabric of reality at his fingertips. Thus he is assigned to a post in his home town which is in need of the assistance that only a true master of the Arcane can provide. And his first great working shall be… Fixing the local irrigation system. And taking care of a premature girl mage. Oh, and his superior is a jerk. Such is the Life of a Mage –Link to buy

  • P.I. Barrington (R): The Brede Chronicles Book 1


Half-human Alekzander Brede is a law unto himself…or so he thinks. Elektra Tate, the street orphan who loves him has other ideas. When she betrays him for no apparent reason, he vows to punish her one way or another. Taking the one thing she treasures most—their son—begins a cat and mouse relationship spanning two planets and costing possibly his life. Elektra will stop at nothing to save her son but can she overcome Brede’s twisted idea of vengeance? Link to buy / Additional link

  •  Paul B. Spence: The Madness Engine: The Awakening, Book


The war between the Sentient Concord and the Earth Federation grinds on, but dark forces are moving behind the scenes, forces intent on unleashing terror on a scale never seen before, a terror that has already spread beyond Commander Hrothgar Tebrey’s universe. On an alternate Earth, acid rains fall smoking from the steely skies, and feral things that were once human skitter through the ruins. Tebrey’s father Daeren Drake searches for clues about the enemy and finds more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, Lt. Commander Tonya Harris and Ghost stumble upon an engine, a weapon that must never be used, but already has been… by the enemy. Loyalties will be tested, dark pasts revealed, and the enemy will strike a blow at the heart of the Concord from which it may never recover. Link to buy

  • Rachel Smith (Epic Fantasy): Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror (The Records of Ohanzee, Book 1)


An Heiress, an ancient prophecy, and a masquerade… Nerissa, the Heiress of Chiyo, prepares for the masquerade celebrating the twentieth anniversary of a thwarted assassination attempt on her family. Longing to be admired for herself and not her title, she arranges to switch costumes and enjoy the ball in blissful anonymity. But, when the fateful night finally arrives, a prophetic warning of a second attack arrives too late, and the evening turns from revelry and romance to violence. After being pulled from the chaos by an enigmatic guardian, Nerissa learns that the Royal Family has been concealing a formidable secret for generations—and it is only one of many that are about to be revealed. Amazon link to buy / Author page (other books listed)

  • Ray Chilensky (M): The Fate of Nations: FIRE Team Alpha Book One (F.I.R.E. Team Alpha 1)


In the year 2104, the world is again at war. F.I.R.E Team Alpha, an elite team of genetically enhanced soldiers, is fighting a war to keep mankind from being enslaved by a brutal, authoritarian global government centered on the bastardized remains of the European Union. The United States is the only nation that remains free and sovereign. Patriots from all of the nations that have been conquered and stripped of their sovereignty have fled to the United States to fight alongside American forces and win back their countries and their cultures. After raging for thirteen years, the Sovereignty War threatens to drive humanity to extinction. Link to buy


An ancient people who can move through time or space…
A secret that never should have been revealed…
One day in a Los Angeles restaurant, Akalya of the Harekaiian witnesses the capture of several of her people and is the only one to get away. Now it is up to her to rescue the captives and learn how… and why… they are being apprehended. The key lies in discovering who is behind the hunt for her people, when no one should have known they existed.  Link to buy

  • Shea Oliver: The Betrayal of Ka (The Transprophetics – Book 1)


As the spaceship secretly lands on Earth, Ka’s mission is clear: find and kill Transprophetics. His shipmates think of him as a killer. On his home planet of Koranth, he is considered a murderer. Haunted in his dreams by the boy whose life he stole, Ka struggles to define who he really is. A girl in a temple in Thailand. A boy kidnapped in Mexico. Both can do the impossible. Both can move objects with their minds. These two Transprophetics pose grave risks to the Donovackia Corporation as it plans its invasion of Earth. With a blade in his hand, Ka’s decision to kill, or not, will reverberate across the galaxy. Amazon link to buy

  • Stephen Morris (f/p): Come Hell or High Water (The Complete Trilogy)


Witchcraft! Ghosts! Vampires! Tarot cards! An old crone is bound to a stake in the Old Town Square of Prague and consumed by flames in 1356, her vengeful words setting in motion a series of dark events that unfold across the centuries, culminating in the historic flood of August 2002 that threatens to destroy the city. The novel alternates chapters set in medieval Prague and contemporary Prague (summer 2002). The chapters set in 1356-1357 incorporate a number of local Prague folktales and legends. These 1356 events alert Nadezhda that something very wrong indeed is afoot in Prague. Together with an elderly rabbi from Prague’s famous Jewish Quarter, she sets out to avert the impending disaster. *Read more of the blurb on Amazon/link to buy

  • Yvette Carol (f/epic):The Or’in of Tane Mahuta


An ordinary boy. A vicious warlord. Both seek a stone with special powers. But only one can possess the Or’in of Tane Mahuta. Eleven-year-old Aden Weaver lived with his grandparents all his life, and he yearns to find out all the secrets his Papa Joe and Nana Jeen have kept from him about his parents’ death. When his grandparents agree to let him start warrior training, Aden learns more than just fighting techniques. He learns of his destiny as the Son of Kal-the first chief of the shape-shifting dragonfly tribe. With only the advice of an ancient tutor in the art of astral travel, a physically challenged girl, and his teenage fight trainers, Aden must take on the evil Sasori Empire. Is he ready to accept the challenge and fight for the fate of the legendary Lost Island? Comparable to Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series. Link to buy

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