I am new to the world of blogging and self-publishing, but I am not new to the wonderful world of writing and reading. I spend most of my nights with my nose in a good book (e-book) and/or working on my novels–because I spend the daytime with my amazing two-year old. (Update: now- I have another little guy!)



It is a little hard finishing a novel when you can only write during naps and bedtime, but I did manage to complete my first novel, Silenced Memories, which released on September 15th!

My hopes from this blogΒ are to meet other bloggers/writers or people with something interesting to say! I would love to learn about new authors to read, as well as share my stories. Thanks for your interest. Feedback is always welcome!

Check out my Amazon Author Page or personal website!

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  1. Best wishes to you and your family. As for your writing, I read one of your pieces that had great tips for indie authors, tips I’d like to keep in mind for future improvements to my book. Thank you! Good luck to you. πŸ™‚ By the way, I noticed you write very well, in my humble opinion πŸ™‚

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  2. Hello Brittney, it’s nice to meet a fellow writer. Your little boy is adorable but I can imagine it’s much harder to find time to write. So congratulations on finishing your novel. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I hope you return every once in a while and read some of my short stories. You have an interesting blog. I’m following your blog as well. I look forward to reading some of your posts. πŸ˜€

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  3. You may be interested in applying for a fully funded residency at Hedgebrook. Application is open now. A retreat at Hedgebrook is ‘an advance’ at no cost to you if you are selected. I was there for six weeks in one of six little cottages in 48 acres of woodland and wonderful meals fully catered. The six writers meet for dinner every night and (if we want) workshop our work or just chat about writing, or life as women writers or mothers or daughters or wives or whatever. It would change your life, as it did mine.

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  4. hi brittney – i love your blog and am so impressed that you were able to write a book with all of the action going on around you. that’s what writers do, i think. thanks for reading and following and i look forward to doing the same for you. best, beth

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  5. Your little guy is adorable and it’s great to learn more about you. If you’re not a member of RaI ve Reviews Book Club, I invite you to check out this awesome group and join us at https://ravereviewsbynonniejules.wordpress.com/ I’m heading over to check at your books and want to let you know that I interview authors on my blog http://www.4writersandreaders.com If you’re interested you can email me at bettestevens@tds SUBJECT: MEET THE AUTHOR Questionnaire Request I’m an indie author, too and believe in supporting my fellow writers. Have a great day! Bette

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  6. I admire anyone who dives deep into the writing world. Your son is so incredibly adorable!

    What’s your novel about? And have you thought about sending your manuscript out to publishing houses? Just wondering.

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    • Thank you- and my son is by far my best work πŸ™‚
      I am interested in self-publishing because I think for a new author you have to be your own advocate regardless of traditional publishing – so I figured I would try it myself first. But I am trying to compete with traditionally published books so I am investing in editing/design/formatting, etc …
      So I don’t write too much more here – the unofficial blurb to my book is on my website: brittneysahin.com (a romance suspense).
      Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚

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