Interview with Avery Flynn, Author of the Negotiator

All about Reading

I am so excited about having Avery Flynn with us today, she has so many books and series that you guys should really familiarize yourself with. So let us begin the interview!

AAR: I always ask my interviewee this, how and when did you decide that writing was something you knew that you could do?

AV: You know, I was looking for a specific kind of story and couldn’t find it so I decided to try to write it. One sentence turned into a paragraph, which turned into a page, which turned into a chapter, which turned into a book now called Dangerous Kiss. 🙂

AAR: Is there any book that you written that made you cry?

AV: Oh yes, just grab any of Sonali Dev’s books. Sooooo good.

AAR: I love your Sweet Salvation series, how did you come with that concept? And…

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