Interview with Rachel Van Dyken author of “Fraternize”

All about Reading

Fraternize (Players Game, #1)

All Hail the Queen! We have Rachel Van Dyken today, yes you heard me correctly Rachel.

AAR: Rachel you know you are loved, you are amazing, awesome, there are just not enough words, to describe you.

So let me start with the questions, because the readers, your fans want to know..
Where do you get your ideas? I mean you have so many great books, that it amazes me?
RVD:Oh my gosh you make me sound way cooler than I really am. Full disclosure I just cleaned up poop  before this interview and had a toddler screaming from constipation, you know just living the glam life all day long! Haha. Honestly my ideas a lot of times just come from life, I’m a horrible eavesdropper. I travel a lot so I typically have my headphones on WITHOUT music just so I can listen to people’s conversations and…

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