Release Date for Novel: Through the Fog

Excited for author S.J. Lynn – her first novel debuts in December!!

S. J. Lynn

It’s been a long journey, but an enjoyable one. My first novel Through the Fog is a Romantic Suspense. It takes you on a journey with Adalind, a nurse from Queens, New York, who is asked to travel to England. She arrives not knowing completely what to suspect. What she was told, and what actually is, are two different things. It seems the only thing that her boss got right was that, yes, he is a Duke and he is in a coma. But, how she found him could be described as dishonorable.

Adalind feels a newfound responsibility for the Duke, Evan Jacob Frederick.She spends her days undoing what the other nurses neglectedto do for him and reports back to Shelly, her boss.  She was only supposed to be there for a week, but feels the need to see this through despite her responsibilities back home to see if there…

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