A Ball of Nerves . . . An Indie Author Update


If-you-wish-to-be__quotes-by-Epictetus-94I have not written anything in five days. I have been sick – and when you have a virus while almost 7 months pregnant—taking care of a toddler—and packing your house . . . not fun. I am moving in a little over a week, so I imagine my life will be a bit chaotic for a couple of weeks. And being sick right now is not helping. But, here I am. Trying to write. I had hoped I would have the first draft of my second novel done before my son’s arrival this fall, but I am wondering if that is a bit unrealistic.

It is hard to be motivated on one project when a million other details in life dangle before me. Not only do I have the big move coming up, but I have the official release of my first novel in a few weeks, and my nerves are starting to get the better of me. A few weeks ago a friend asked me if I was nervous. My reply, “No.” Um? Really? How did that word slip free from my lips?

YES, I am nervous! Who wouldn’t be? Of course, I am proud of what I have accomplished. Holding my paperback in my hands – and being interviewed by a local paper (see here) – were two major highlights for me last week. Crazy and amazing emotions swirled inside me that week.

Nerves though—nerves are definitely STILL wedged deep amidst the onslaught of emotions that are funneling through me at hyper speed. Maybe I should call this all EXCITEMENT? I am pretty excited about being a published author. I would love to make a career out of this, but I have no idea what the future holds. But for now I have to dream, to hope, to ride the nervous waves of energy . . . . I have to squeeze my eyes shut and try not to blush, knowing my mother is currently reading my novel for the VERY first time (it is a romance btw—nothing too risqué, but still!)

Well, I should probably attempt to get back to working on my 2nd novel, since “they” say to focus on writing and not worry too much about marketing.

But –why not do both? My Goodreads giveaway runs 8/27-9/15, so I am hoping that goes well. And I have a book blitz scheduled for the week of my release through Xpressobooktours – in case any book bloggers would like to sign up- check it out here.


I still plan on having my ‘share your work’ post for fellow writers/bloggers next week, despite my upcoming move—so be sure to stay tuned for that.

Until next time . . .

9 thoughts on “A Ball of Nerves . . . An Indie Author Update

  1. Hang in there! You’ve been doing great. And, hey…you already have a book published!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing feeling that must be 🙂 Published book, another baby on the way, new home…what an exciting time for you! Keep us posted, and feel free to vent my way if you need to. 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on the upcoming book release! Don’t sweat the nerves — you were probably nervous when Baby No. 1 was about to enter the world, but from the sound of your bio, raising your spunky toddler has turned out great. Being a “book mom” will turn out great, too. 🙂

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