Do you use an editor?

The benefits of editing 🙂

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Have you everused an editor?

I have a great critique partner, whose help is invaluable. However, after reading the story behind Go Set a Watchman, I finally grasp the importance of a good editor.

Selecting an editor that specializes in the correct genre is important too.

I can’t think Editor Margaret Welwoodenough for showing me how good a story can be with the right editor.

I found Margaret though a referral from Tom Blubaugh, on Linked In, so a big thanks to Tom for sending me to the right person.

Margaret not only found grammar issues, wrong comma here etc., but she helped be see flaws within the story and fix them. The end result was a polished product I could be proud of.

You’ll hear more about my children’s book, which I hope to have out in 2016.

For more information on editing head over and read a…

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