Authors: Share Your Work!


It’s that time again.

Please share your book(s) now through August 17th

For those that are new to this post: Twice a month I invite fellow authors to share their WIP or their current works for sale. I invite everyone to post links to their personal websites, other social accounts, or advertise a link to BUY. Use this space to BRAG about what you are working on – or what you have published! Be proud of your hard-work & not embarrassed to self-promote!

If you have a book for sale (or upcoming)- I will add your book to my list of “authors to read” by the genre – See example here: Authors to Read!

For those who have posted before: Feel free to advertise again. Or- if you have a different book you would like me to add to the list (or different link to buy)- please include it.


Title. Genre.  Release date (if not out yet)

Links to buy (if applicable)

*Feel free to include more than one work! And any other information you can think of.

20120701-232314 PLEASE SHARE 🙂

40 thoughts on “Authors: Share Your Work!

  1. What would you do if you found out the son you loved wasn’t yours? Ethan Harrington’s world has just been shattered…
    After All Is Said And Done: A Novel of Infidelity, Healing, & Forgiveness –
    This work of women’s fictions is available now:

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to post. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the platform, Brittney!
    The Rescuers- Children’s fiction
    A tender story about a young kindhearted girl who questions the reasons for her impulsive, random acts of kindness, and is faced with a surprisingly simple and touching answer to the mystery.

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  3. Hi Brittany, thank you so much for the opportunity.
    Out of Time is historical fiction set partly in 1191 partly in 2006 with elements of time travel. Here’s the blurb:
    For many years, the old tree stood alone as history unfolded around it. Today, the heat enveloped it in a shimmering haze. Although there was no breeze, the leaves began to tremble. A low hum seemed to come from deep within.
    As Marion stumbled towards it that sultry spring day, how could she have known she was the one it had been waiting for? How could she have guessed it would draw her into the very fabric of time? How could she have imagined the danger she would face? For the tree was the gateway between two worlds.

    Here is the link:


  4. Hi Brittaney, as Chris said, I misunderstood and posted my promo to his site. Here it is for you and your readers. thanks for the opportunity!

    My newest release is DECODING MICHAELA (Romancing the Guardians, Book Two). This series chronicles the adventures of seven chosen ones who guard secret scrolls handed down from their Tuatha Dé Danann ancestors (pagan Irish demi-gods.) Each scroll prophesies a future apocalyptic event. The Guardians are hunted by the evil Hellhounds, who want to use the scrolls to gain power. Each of the seven finds unexpected love as the saga builds to a final showdown with their mortal enemies.

    Genre: romantic suspense/paranormal thriller
    Release date: June 8, 2015
    Available on: Amazon Apple Barnes & Noble Kobo
    Note: Book One, Rescuing Lara, was released on Dec. 21, 2014; available on the same sites (coming soon to Apple)

    Find Lyn on these sites: (amazon author page)

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  5. Hi Brittney,
    Thank you for giving us authors an opportunity to post our wares!
    The book I’m promoting today is a children’s story called A Tale of Knots.
    The story follows the Hairingtons and Knotsvillians who live on our Dome. They’re always fighting and this time the Knots have gone too far. They have taken over Hairington and are forcing the Hairs to follow their ways, like it or not! Grandpa Ash, a grey Hair, sends his grandson Babylock to find the one creature capable of sorting this mess out. His name is LeBrush. The question is, will this hombre take up the task of separating the Knots and the Hairs? Here is the link to buy the book-
    Thanks again for sharing my work. ☺️

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  6. Thanks for providing this opportunity! I often call myself TermiteWriter and I’ve self-published 10 books so far. Today I’ll promote the best one to begin with: The Termite Queen, a 2v. science fiction novel that includes a haunting love story. Here is Smashword’s short description of v.1 and v.2:
    Volume One, The Speaking of the Dead: In the 30th century, an off-world expedition brings back a giant termite with a behavior that suggests intelligence. During the planning for a first-contact expedition, Kaitrin Oliva, a linguistic anthropologist, falls in love with the entomologist-leader, a complex man hiding a dark secret. Meanwhile, civil discord is brewing on the termite planet as the Queen’s Chamberlain plots a murder …
    Volume Two: The Wound That Has No Healing: A team of scientists in the 30th c. makes first contact with a species of intelligent termite on an alien planet. The romantic relationship between the expedition leader and the team’s anthropologist intersects with the civil unrest existing in the termite fortress to produce an explosive climax. The team must then return to Earth and deal with the outcome.
    Places where you can buy all my books:
    Amazon UK:
    Barnes & Noble:
    Find me also on Facebook:!/Termitewriter
    and on Goodreads:
    Ruminations of a Remembrancer:
    The Labors of Ki’shto’ba Huge-Head:

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  7. Thanks, Brittney, for this opportunity. I’ve published two fantasy/ya novels so far. The first in the Adventures in Sorcery series is Kismet and Tell, where the young mercenary sorceress Marissa “Riss” Cobalt accepts a job to find a missing person but winds up part of an ancient prophecy instead. The second book in the series, newly released, is Chronicles of Riss, which is a collection of short stories recounting some of Riss’s early adventures. More details and links for purchasing can be found on my author website, and can also be found on Amazon at

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  8. Hi Brittney,
    I appreciate this opportunity. I recently started a new, self-hosted site, and I am looking to expand my subscribers
    Some of you may know me. I recently guest posted on Chris, the Story Reading Ape’s blog where my Pinterest for authors article was reblogged to my knowledge at least 13 times.
    Here is the link to my About page, so you can read about my blog.
    Thanks again Brittney!

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  9. Brittney,
    Thank you for creating this fantastic platform. Good luck on your upcoming release. I’ve just figured out how to have 2 separate blogs on my website (mine and a fictional character). Do you think anyone would be interested if I set up a visiting author blog?

    Anyhow, it’d be great to have my two recent releases listed:

    Her Charming Heartbreaker (A Town Named Eden Book 1) Contemporary Romance

    Her Perfect Mismatch (A Town Named Eden Book 2) Contemporary Romance



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  10. Thanks, Britteny, for continuing to help indie authors spread the word about their books.

    The Remnant
    science fiction

    on Amazon:

    on Smashwords:

    About the novel: Lt. Commander Hrothgar Tebrey is assigned as a military attaché to an archaeological expedition as light duty to recover from the disaster of his previous mission. But things quickly begin to go wrong on Cedeforthy. Someone, or something, is manipulating events to sabotage the expedition. When the science team becomes marooned on the planet by the tides of war, the sinister force reveals itself, and Tebrey must fight against a seemingly unstoppable enemy to save not just himself, the expedition, and the woman he loves, but his very soul.

    About the author: Paul B. Spence is a writer, archaeologist, anthropologist, and geologist. He currently resides in New Mexico, where all the cool kids hang out, with too many cats — if there is such a thing. Like most authors, Paul has had an eclectic career path. He has worked as a retail gofer, a food service monkey, a brute laborer, a rennie, a writer for the RPG industry, and many other rewarding jobs that didn’t pay enough to feed him or his cats. He loves archaeology, but no, he hasn’t found any tombs with ancient evils lurking. He plans to keep it that way.

    (Paul is my identical twin, in case anyone’s wondering why I’m posting links for someone else’s novel.)

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    • Hi Brittney,
      I actually wanted to put the blurb on as well, but my computer shut down, so I like to put it here, sorry about that.
      Talon, Encounter:
      Blurb for the fifth book, TALON, ENCOUNTER

      The poachers are back – and they are looking for Talon? They are doing everything in their power to capture him, and if they can’t get him alive, will kill him. Determent to get him with all cost the poachers run up against the might and will of Tamo, Tima and Talon.
      It is the poachers against the condors, Matica and the Indians – with the poachers even taking hostages to win the war.
      With the help of Tamo and Tima, Talon and Matica do the impossible, knowing they have to capture and stop the poachers or they will be back.
      Between the poachers shooting at the condors, the crows playing their part, and Tamo being shot and injured, Matica goes above and beyond to help her beloved condors.
      Action-packed from beginning to end, Talon Encounter will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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  12. My publisher has given me the okay to post the opening paragraph of my new science fiction book The Brede Chronicles Book 2 no firm release date but thinking Summer 2016. I’ll post it here but let me know if I’m in the wrong place.

    “Elektra!” Brede screamed chasing her at full run. People he couldn’t toss out of his way dived out of it on their own. “Elektra!” Regardless his speed she stayed at the edge of his sight, the occasional bob of her blonde hair between the turbans and black hair of most of the residents of New Cairo, Egypt, Earth. The faster he ran the less he could keep up with her; his steps pounded the ground and yet he never came nearer. She stopped, glanced back at him once and then disappeared into the souk leaving Brede doubled over, sucking in breath. At length, he straightened and leaned back against an ancient wall, eyes closed shaking his head. He wanted it to be a dream. It had to be a dream. At least, in dreams he could wake up; set his mind on the day and not some ridiculous waste of time chasing someone who was dead.

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