Authors: Share your books/links here!

th134U3EJNAuthors: Advertise here!

It’s that time again. We had a great turn-out last month.

Please share your book(s) now through August 3rd

For those that are new to this post: Twice a month I invite fellow authors to share their WIP or their current works for sale. I invite everyone to post links to their personal websites, other social accounts, or advertise a link to BUY. Both traditional and indie authors are welcome to post. Use this space to BRAG about what you are working on – or what you have published! Be proud of your hard-work & not embarrassed to self-promote!

If you have a book for sale (or upcoming)- I will add your book to my list of “authors to read” – See example here: Authors to Read!

For those who have posted before: Feel free to advertise again. Or- if you have a different book you would like me to add to the list (or different link to buy)- please include it. If you write a one sentence tag for your book I can include that with your title in the list on ‘Authors to Read’ as well!


Title. Genre.  Release date (if not out yet)

One sentence tag about book.

1-3 Links to buy (if applicable)

*Feel free to include more than one work! And any other information you can think of.

*Want to see the last post where authors shared their work? Click here.thWP2LZ9W1


68 thoughts on “Authors: Share your books/links here!

  1. My website with links to Amazon where you find a collection of horror stories, “Cemetery Tales and other Phantasms” along with two novels, a satire on fame and celebrity based on a true Story “Loonies in the Dugout” and a follow-up, though stand alone, e-novel, “Loonies in Hollywood” in which my fictional screenwriter solves the murder of William Desmond Taylor, famous silent film director.

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  2. New member with SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America) and now traditionally published with Booktrope. My SF trilogy is being published these days after Booktrope acquisition, and on the last chapter of my WIP, “The Law” – a YA Urban SF.

    Reachable from the links below.

    Thank you.

    Author of the “Daimones Trilogy” – “Nothing prepared us for the last day.”
    Published Author with Booktrope Publishing
    2012 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner in Science Fiction
    2013 Hall of Fame – Best in Science Fiction, Quality Reads UK Book Club
    2013 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner in Science Fiction Series
    2014 Finalist – Science Fiction – Indie Excellence Awards L.A.
    2014 Award Winner – Science Fiction Honorable Mention – Readers’ Favorite Annual Awards

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  3. Title: The Sort of Life of Julie Winterfeldt
    Genre: Fiction (Chick Lit)
    Release Date: March 2015

    Julie Winterfeldt is newly single, and not by choice. Her seemingly perfect marriage of seven years was ended when Julie finds that her husband, Daniel, has an apparently not-too-passing interest in gay porn. And in being gay, in general. Divorced in her mid-thirties and finding herself on her own for the first time in, well, ever, she’s got to figure out what she’s going to do with her life. Add in a very unexpected curveball that life decides to throw, Julie’s not quite sure she’s going to make it. Narrated in Julie’s warm, funny and disarming voice, THE SORT OF LIFE OF JULIE WINTERFELDT shows how heartache, humor and a whole lot of surprise can come together in life’s unpredictable twists and turns. Tracy A. Fischer’s debut novel will make you laugh and cry, all the while cheering for Julie and the friends that help her along the way.

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  4. Thank you Brittney for giving me this opportunity to share my books. I have 2 books published and working on a third. The first book is an award winning non-fiction memoir. ALL proceeds go to gynecologic cancer research. Tag line: The author shares her story about this lesser known disease, offering information and hope, because “the real you and the real me can outshine any procedure or disease”.
    My first novel is about one man trying to gain love and respect from his father. I was a nurse therapist for 20 years and this story is a compilation of what these men shared. All the characters are fictional. Tagline: Will Matthew’s high intelligence, his love for his two daughters, and his unique philosophy of life help him rise above his demons?

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  5. Thank you, Brittney! This is the second book in my mystery series set in Northern Minnesota.

    Close Up on Murder: A Spirit Lake Mystery

    L.A. Times photojournalist Britt Johansson is back in Spirit Lake recharging before her next overseas assignment, when two murders and a string of threats against her brother set her in action. Are they hate crimes, a long-buried act of revenge or something else?

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  6. Thanks for this chance!
    My books are mystery/suspense set in the world of horses and horse racing. Lots of action! They were previously published by St. Martin’s and Bantam, and I have regained the rights. Read samples at, at, or at my web site,
    KING OF THE ROSES At the end of his stormy career, champion jockey Chris Englund has one last chance to win a record-setting sixth Kentucky Derby—until he’s offered $500,000 to throw the race. When he learns that defying the crooks and riding to win will ruin the horse and cost him the woman he loves, he finds that what his reputation demands isn’t what his conscience compels him to do.
    BLOOD LIES Young Ted Whysse comes home to his family’s fabulous Thoroughbred breeding farm to investigate his best friend’s death. He wants no part of his inheritance, no part of the farm’s greatest treasure, the magnificent stallion Kite. What he does want, although his heart knows better, is Lucky, his dying father’s beautiful young wife. When he learns that Lucky has a secret that will kill her, he must decide how many other lives he will risk to save her. Will he sacrifice his own?

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  7. Hi,
    Thank you for this opportunity.
    I am Janice. My book is still in the thinking stages. My blog offers blogging suggestions to bloggers. Tips for engaging readers, improving content, and increasing traffic are waiting for you at my site. Click my name to see what my site can do for you. Thanks.

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  8. Thanks again, Brittney! Sharing as well. 🙂

    TITLE: DOG BONE SOUP, A Boomer’s Journey. GENRE: Literary/historical fiction

    Coming of age novel: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry; but mostly, you’ll be glad you read it!

    TITLE: AMAZING MATILDA, A Monarch’s Tale. GENRE: Children’s picture book (ages 4-11)

    Award-winning picture book adventure follows the life cycle of a monarch butterfly and teaches life lessons along the way!

    1-3 Links to buy:


    AUTHOR PAGE & BOOK by Bette A. Stevens

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  9. Thank you Brittney for letting me share my new book in the Talon series.
    I have published 4 books up to now in the Talon series. You can find them here:

    Now the fifth book is coming out this month. I don’t know yet the time, but it will be out. it will be called: TALON, ENCOUNTER
    The poachers are back – and they are looking for Talon? They are doing everything in their power to capture him, and if they can’t get him alive, will kill him. Determent to get him with all cost the poachers run up against the might and will of Tamo, Tima and Talon.
    It is the poachers against the condors, Matica and the Indians – with the poachers even taking hostages to win the war.
    With the help of Tamo and Tima, Talon and Matica do the impossible, knowing they have to capture and stop the poachers or they will be back.
    Between the poachers shooting at the condors, the crows playing their part, and Tamo being shot and injured, Matica goes above and beyond to help her beloved condors.
    Action-packed from beginning to end, Talon Encounter will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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  10. Thank you, Brittney, for this wonderful opportunity!

    I have a travel memoir about my trip to Ladakh, a high altitude cold desert in the Indian Himalayas to offer. Here are the links:
    US –
    UK –

    For a glimpse of Ladakh, I have a FREE picture book on offer. Here are the links:
    US –
    UK –

    Here is the link to the Facebook page.

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  11. Title: Average Joe’s Story: Quest for Confidence
    Genre: Non-Fiction

    Take a journey with Average Joe from as bad as it gets to where you want to be. If you are looking for directions to something better than this is an Quest you need to experience. Point A is where you currently find yourself. Take the trip with Average Joe to Point B, where you want to be. Average Joe is waiting for you. Do you have the courage to join him at the top?

    Amazon Buy Link

    Buy Link if you suffer from an allergy to Amazon like I do

    I’d love to say I have a WIP, but I don’t. I’m currently trying my hand at writing a screenplay that I’d consider historical fiction. Hoping to send it out to agents before December.

    If anyone wants to talk on Twitter @thechrishedges. I don’t spend too much time there, but I’m always up for a good chat.

    Thanks Brittney.

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  12. Hi Britney, thanks for the opportunity to promote my book. Blessings Suzanne

    Title: Ethics of a Psychic Reading: A Guide for Professional and Amateur Messengers of Psychic Information
    Genre: Paranormal, Psychic, Spiritual, Ethics – non-fiction
    What is the book about: 21st century look at an ancient craft.

    Links to buy:
    My website:

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  13. The Legend of Dust Bunnies, a Fairy’s Tale

    Children’s Picture Book (ages 4-8)

    Join the Dust Fairies on their messy nighttime adventures, and discover how one misfit fairy uses his talent to create something legendary.

    Amazon (free as an ebook for Kindle Unlimited and Prime users)

    I personalize and ship copies via my site at

    I blog about self-publishing and literacy at

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