Self-Publishing: The Press Release


I keep putting this topic on the back burner (the press release) – but as the release date for my novel draws close, I feel the need to get cracking on my press release.

I have been reading and reading about ‘what to do’ – but I keep coming up with basic websites on the topic, such as:

50 Ways to Reach your Readers

Is Your Author Website Ready to Meet the Press?  

Sample Press Release

Book Press Release Templates/Examples

The above are just a few articles/websites I have perused in search of the answers as to how to produce a journalistic piece that will not only captivate readers – but first—capture a newspapers’ attention to even publish it …

I am not sure whether or not I should only send out a press release to local print/online media in my area, or also shoot for the stars and attempt to win over the top papers as well? Of course, from what I have read—you must have an ANGLE. What makes you DIFFERENT and NEWSWORTHY? I think that is a bit easier for non-fiction/self-help/true stories, etc … but for a romance novel, hmmm…. What in the world could be my angle?

Do I really divulge the truth?

Expose the fact that teachers in North Carolina make such dismal money compared to what I was paid in upstate New York – that with the cost of 2 kids in daycare – student loan debts from grad school—I had to look into a different career path … and sure, why not choose NOW to pursue my dreams of publishing after a 10+ year hiatus from writing creatively?! Why not become a writer & potentially make even less money than teaching in NC?


But no- I can’t write about THAT in my press release, CAN I? Can I really fight for better pay for teachers (and hey, btw- I am publishing a book)? No—that can’t be my ANGLE.

So, I am at a loss about what to write. Go with something standard? LOCAL AUTHOR WRITES NOVEL! That might work for my town, but not for the big media. I am totally stalling in regards to producing this press release.

For those with experience in publishing, did you write a press release? Were you successful? Any advice you can offer those who are about to plunge into the unknown world of self-publishing? Thank you from a writer who feels way out of her element!


11 thoughts on “Self-Publishing: The Press Release

  1. My book would have even less of an angle than yours since it is fantasy and about werewolves lol But, oh boy–I feel your stress and confusion. I do not look forward to the day I actually have to promote my book. Good luck!!!

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  2. I wsrote about the research I did for my book – Pattern of Shadows is a family saga set against the background of a German POW camp in the UK (the first was actually a disused cotton mill in the North of England) So, your research? Or, reading through what you have said above, why not write about why you had a break from writing creatively? What made you start again – even though you know you won’t earn a lot (we don’t) What is it in you that makes you write? What did your family think about you starting to write. How have you juggled ‘real’ life and writing?How hard it was to manage on low pay. Any incidents that were funny that you could tie into what/how you are writing?. The one thing that was said to me years ago is that readers want to know about YOU – not just your writing, Brittney. Hope some of this gives you food for thought. Jx

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  3. Judith hit the nail on the head. It’s always nice getting to know the author as well as what their novel is going to be about. Whenever I’ve had press releases sent to me from publishers, the author (or the publishers on their behalf) has talked a little about themselves, how they came up with the idea of the book and then a little blurb about the book’s plot complete with a release date. I hope that’s of some help.

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  4. You ask such good questions here. By the way, SO nice to meet you. I also write romantic suspense. I’ve self-published two books so far, working on the third. Promotion is my nemesis. The day my first book was ready to be sold on Amazon, I e-mailed everyone, and I mean everyone, I knew. That was the best promotion for me. Then I increased my FB visibility, and promoted my book there (also a good device). I use Twitter, but not properly yet. Local papers? I’ve been too shy! I look forward to reading your blog and finding out how that worked out.

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