I’m venturing into self-publishing …

Great post on ‘why self-publishing’ …

Simple English ~ Nicola Prentis

Well, this feels highly exposing.

But, now I think of it, so did having books published by a publisher. The moment a book is ‘out there’ and judgeable, if it’s one you care about, which, so far, all of mine have been, is like holding yourself up to the public and asking them to rate you out of ten. Or five, since that’s what the all-important Amazon review is.

With books backed up by a publishing deal, there’s an element of protection for your ego. A publisher has invested time and maybe money in you and your ideas and the validation must mean that people who think it’s rubbish are, at least partly, wrong.

Anyway, with four published books and another on the way in 2016, I’ve decided to stop hawking LoveLessons, my long ago written, first stab at writing a novel, to agents and publishers. Actually, since the final rewrite…

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5 thoughts on “I’m venturing into self-publishing …

  1. Thanks, Brittney. This led me to the Dean Wesley Smith site, where I read the article that inspired Nicola Prentis to self=publish. I hear echoes in her column (they only want you to write one kind of book, an easily categorized kine) of things I’ve heard agents say at conferences. But the Smith argument is important. I’ve posted it on my blog. I’ve got five queries out right now, but I’m seriously rethinking. . . .

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