Music: Soundtrack for the Soul

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding

I love music. I wish I was musically talented, but my ability to carry a tune or play an instrument is somewhere in line with my ability to draw or paint (zero, maybe even negative ten?). But, I absolutely love listening to the sweet sounds of those who have musical talent.

As I sit here and write, my playlist is running, and I am allowing the music to wash over me—getting me in the mood to write. To think. I need to work on my next novel. I need inspiration. So, I need music.

Music stimulates so many memories for people. A song on the radio might remind me of that time my husband and I were dancing at a club in Vienna—or flash forward to now being parents … when I hear one of the songs my toddler loves, such as his latest favorite: Honey, I am Good, by Andy Grammar—my lips quirk into a smile.

Or what about the song playing on my husband’s phone as he forced me to stand in a tiny boat in the middle of the lake–as he got down on one knee and proposed? Music brings back so many memories.

So, how could I not want to create a soundtrack for my novel? How could I not want to draw my readers in to the more tense and romantic scenes by adding a splash of music? My editor says to try and avoid having anything in my novel that hasn’t withstood the test of time. If people are reading my book in ten or even thirty years—they may be clueless about an artist, Keurig Machine, or even an iPhone. But, every once in a while, I slip an actual song into my book (not just descriptions of the music in the background)—I can’t help it. Music makes me FEEL. When I am writing a scene, and envision what song might be playing in the background for my characters—it makes them feel more human—more real to me.

Sometimes I wish I wrote screenplays. So I could literally make my story come alive. But, I do the best I can by adding flavor to my characters and to the scenes . . . . I think I will create a playlist for my novel and add it to my website upon the release of my book. I also have a photo board on Pinterest that goes with my novel (I know a lot of people like envisioning the characters in their own way, but I couldn’t help but show what I think my characters would look like!)

Well, the song: Down by the River, by Milky Chance just came on—and the magic of music is working on me—I need to get working on my next book!

I just set up my Goodreads ( ) and Author Facebook page ( )- so please connect with me! Thanks! Have a great weekend & enjoy some sinfully delicious tunes!


10 thoughts on “Music: Soundtrack for the Soul

  1. I love music too! I’m the same though no musical talent. 😁 I totally agree it’s such a powerful tool for emotions and inspiration, sometimes when I write, I have to have silence my mind gets distracted by the music! Great post!

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  2. I have to say, I actually started writing the lyrics to songs and intend to actually create them before my book is actually ready to sell! I have some small ability with music, but I wouldn’t by any means say I am great. I just really love the inspiration it has offered me in actually writing songs for my characters!

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