Ask the Author! Featuring Brittney Sahin

I was honored to have Allison feature a guest interview on me recently- please check out her great blog to learn more about her journey as an author as well- I love the character profiles she has posted in relation to her upcoming book.

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Welcome to the first in the series of Ask the Author! This month’s featured author is Brittney Sahin, indie author of romantic suspense. She hopes to have her first novel, Silenced Memories, released this year. You can check out her blog here!

  • What blurb would you like to see about yourself on a book cover?

I can write a novel–but this–no idea 🙂

  • What’s your favorite genre to write? Favorite genre to read?

I like to write Romantic Suspense. I like to read suspense, romantic suspense, thrillers/mysteries, contemporary romance

  • Is there something that draws you to this genre?

I love to read about the development of a relationship between characters. I can read any genre as long as there is an element of romance involved. Although I read traditional romance too, I prefer another underlying story (suspense/thriller) weaved within the book.

  • What goals do you have as a writer?


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