Jet Lag and Brain Malfunction



I just arrived back from Istanbul. After 18 hours of travelling on Sunday, I am pretty beat. I never once opened my laptop while in Turkey. Aside from visiting the blog world on my smartphone whenever I could—I basically did NO THINKING AT ALL. No thinking about my current WIP or my next novel.

Now that I am back, I have to try and channel my energy into my novel and find the switch to get my brain working again! I received three sample covers for my novel from my designer last night. I sent my feedback this morning, but I am having a tough time deciding on the font choices/looks of the title they gave me (three options: contemporary romance style, traditional romance, suspense). Since my book is a blend of romance and suspense, I want to make sure there is a happy marriage of the two genres displayed. This is harder than I expected.

Covers are so important, so I hope I make the right decision. Of course the great thing about eBooks is that (worst case) you can always change it later, but since I am also publishing in print, I am a little more nervous. It would be great to nail it the first time though!!

In regards to my trip–aside from my two trips to the ER (one for my son—who is okay—whew, and one for me about my pregnancy)—the trip was great, but it is always nice to be back home. Every time I travel I find myself comparing where I live to the places I visit. I got into a pretty lively and fun discussion with my brother-in-law about the differences between the US and Turkey. It is so interesting how where you live and grow up really shape your perspective on countries and life in general!

Anyways, sorry for the short and rather uninformative blog. Like I said—my brain is not functioning yet. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Happy blogging!



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