Blogging: Bringing People Together


I have only been blogging for a few weeks now, but one of the things I have found absolutely amazing is the connections you make with people from all over the world. Being slightly obsessed with other cultures, I am always interested to know where someone is from—and I get super excited when I see that I am having a “blogging convo” with someone in Australia, Japan, South Africa, and so forth … I love getting the chance to connect with someone of the same interests from a half a world away!

So, as I am sitting on my patio right now, sipping my coffee and listening to the birds chirp, I am thinking about all of the people I have had the chance to meet because of blogging, and I am eager to continue on this journey to meet many more people from everywhere.

I love that I am learning so much from others as well. I appreciate the insight and advice that my fellow bloggers have offered by allowing their words to be read all over the world. So, I thank you.

What do you love about blogging? inspirational-quotes


4 thoughts on “Blogging: Bringing People Together

  1. I agree with you, and the comments above, but something else I would like to add is that every blogger I follow has a unique way of writing about something, even if it’s based on the same idea. For example, there are many blogs today about Memorial Day weekend, but every one of them tells a different story, and in a different way. For those of us who live in another part of the world, each blog-post gives another personal insight and helps to flesh out the image of what this day means to so many individual people.

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