What If …

How many times on average do you think these two words (what if) pop into your head in one given day? For me, I feel like those two words used to plague my very existence.

What if I get into a car accident? What if I fail? What if I don’t find love? –You get the idea. I am sure you have plenty of your own ‘what if’ statements that have bounced around your head, causing the same ringing sensation in your ears …

My husband used to give me a hard time about all of my ‘what if’ statements. He said I needed to stop being so negative. And he is right. A lot of my ‘what if’s’ have actually happened though:

  • What if I get hit by a truck when driving? (and I was hit by a garbage truck—not fun)
  • What if I hit black ice when driving in bad weather? (totally smashed my car)
  • What if no one ever reads my book? (Well, a book I wrote ten years ago—I lost my one and only copy (USB)—so no, no one will ever read it)
  • What if I travel to a foreign country and a terrorist attack happens? (horribly & sadly true)

Now, did those negative things happen because I said ‘what if’? – No. Of course not. When I’ve told people about some of the crazy things I have been through in my life, and I said, “Yeah, I have had a lot of bad luck”—it took a 15 year-old to point something out to me that changed my view on everything. She said, “Are you kidding? You are the luckiest person I know. Look at what you have been through—and you are OKAY!”

But, I wonder, ‘what if’ … I start ending my statements with positives—maybe those will happen too?? Will life be better if we start thinking a little more optimistically? Should we follow the advice of the famous Norman Vincent Peale & Anthony Robbins – “power of positive thinking”?

So, here are some of my new what ifs (as related to writing) …

  • What if writer’s block never happens again.
  • What if when I write a book I don’t have to re-write it SO MANY TIMES!
  • What if my writing impacts someone—somehow—somewhere …
  • What if I become a successful writer and people all over the world read my work.

So, this may seem like a silly thing to write about, but it was on my mind. I mean, those two little words can prove quite powerful. I was thinking maybe you could share your what ifs as well … hopefully positives—because WHAT IF sharing them makes them come true?



7 thoughts on “What If …

  1. Oh, that’s terrible what happened to you—glad you’re okay now, of course. I’m the same though, with most things in my life; I’ll consider not going on holiday because what if the absolute worst happens on a plane, or train, or whatever? Not that it’s in my control. Writing is one of them; what if my book is complete rubbish? What if it can’t be fixed? What if I never publish? Though, I’ve never thought of thinking of the positive what if’s, and I think I’ll write them down, so whenever I feel myself thinking negatively, I’ll have a look at it. Great post.


  2. As a writer you know that stories begin with ‘what if’. What if a giant shark terrorizes a resort-“Jaws.” What if a pirate and a young boy search for treasure- “Treasure Island.” What if a man sells his soul to the devil-“Faust.” What if a man has a split personality- “Jekyll and Hyde.” You get the idea. it is the writers bread and butter.

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  3. We had a teacher at school who used to tell us that the saddest words in the English language were “if” and “only.” “If only I had done this…” or “If only I hadn’t done that…” It would be dreadful to spend your life regretting what you did or didn’t do. I’m still a worrier, though…

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  4. Very nice post Brittney. “If” and “Almost” were on the boat. If ”If “wouldn’t be there “Almost” almost drown himself. Unfortunately these words are coming one after another so you have to lose “Almost” too. All the best to you.

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